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28 October 2011



I'm glad I'm not the only one, but it's still not a fun situation. I ordered my boxes on the first and haven't heard anything yet. I realise that Canada Customs can take their time, but I'd appreciate being sent the tracking info so I know what's going on.

Heather B

Has anyone tried calling? If you go to Sass' website, there is a phone number for consumers to contact. I only ordered my box last Friday, but just like everyone else--no shipping info, no sign of box. I am disappointed to say the least. ( and there really is no reason why we aren't getting responses--the blog has been updated several times since these posts.)


I thought it was just me. Ordered a week ago, no confirmation, no box but my account was debited :( Emailed Rebecca but got a bounce back saying email no longer works.


Received an email today from Rebecca apologizing for the delay - the boxes are expected to be sent out Monday and tracking info will be provided. Works for me! I'm happy to have heard back.

Kerry Duff

I havent gotten my boxes yet either..charged my account and then nothing!!! someone anyone please???


Unlike goldenblind, I still haven't received a reply to my email asking about status (I ordered 2 wks ago) & no one from Sassafras has commented on this blog. I find this odd since they were quick to answer questions about the sale before it sold out. Sassafras has the opportunity to answer all of our concerns at once here but has not done so.

Angela F.

Im also in the waiting game and a little sad as in the past they have been so good. NO box been awhile now hope to get it soon.


I found the shipping notice from PayPal in my spam box. If you have not checked it,you may find it in your spam box.


I'm still waiting too...it's been two weeks. I'm up to two emails and phone calls- none of which have been returned. Can someone from Sass please just make a statement here as to what's going on?


I'm so bummed. I love this company so much... Is service always like this? :(


Just got a really nice email from Rebecca with a HUGE APOLOGY! They got 3x the expected orders and have been buried. They expect to ship all orders tomorrow.

Laura Stewart

hi, who do we contact about issues? I was charged as well and have not rec'd anything - credit charged back on 11/3/11. thanks!


I've sent 2 emails asking about order status and had no reply. I ordered over 2 weeks ago. The folks at Sass need to update us all or refund our money if they oversold. Why haven't we heard from them on this blog? It has been updated twice since the Big Box Sale notice!


Has anyone heard about their orders yet? I emailed, no answer, no delivery, but my money was processes. Doesn't sound promising ...

Heather B

I received an apology email on Saturday or Sunday with a promise of a shipped package and tracking number by Monday. Still no email with a tracking number so I emailed again. Still no response. Some explanations please?


I also purchased on 10/30 and my credit card has been charged but I have not received any shipping information and no box yet. Very disappointed. I have sent two emails and left a message on their consumer phone line. I just want my product to arrive.


Was promised shipping info by Monday - it is Thursday and I have not heard a thing. This is ridiculous.

Kerry Duff

OMG..seriously...C'mon people...GIVE US AN UPDATE!!!! not a good way to run a business!!


Wow...I paid for my box on the 31st and still nothing! It's almost been 3 weeks! I've also e-mailed and heard nothing. And then someone keeps comenting that she e-mailed them and said boxes would be shipped Monday, then Monday turned into Thursday???? There really isn't an exscuse for this...SUPER DISSAPOINTED!!!


Hello all,
I am so sorry that our "grand finale" has made a group of you feel not so grand. We literally got buried with orders! Unfortunately with all the changes that have happened at Sassafras we have a small staff tying up all the loose ends. The box sale took far more time and effort than we expected. We have done our best to reply to emails that came in directly- but we are behind on the blog comments. I will personally go thru each comment and make sure that you have a reply with tracking information. We have always done our best to make our customers as happy as possible! bringing smiles and inspiring creativity has made our jobs worthwhile and fun! so we are very sad that we have caused dissapointment and frustration for those of you who did not receive your box in a timely manner.

Bethany E.

Hi Rebecca,

Could you please send me a tracking number for my order? I purchased at the end of October, haven't heard anything, and haven't had a response to my e-mails either. Hoping to finally get my box soon...thanks!

Yvette Claire

Hi, I ordered on the 6th, payment went through, but I have not received any notification that my box has been shipped.

Yvette Claire

Thank you! Received my box of goodies!

Kee Ping

Hi, I've top up my payment on 04 nov to complete my purchase but I am still missing my purchase,Its been three weeks and there is not a single response. please reply as soon as possible!!


J'ai moi aussi commandé une box le modèle à 55$, je n'ai rien reçu (je sais que les délais d'envoi pour la france sont longs, mais plusieurs personnes sont dans le meme cas).
C'est la première fois que je commande et pour l'instant on ne peut pas dire que je suis très contente. Merci de me tenir au courant car ma comande date d'il y a 1 mois et toujours rien, mais le paiement a été débité.

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