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28 October 2011


Stephanie Hart

I ordered mine!!! Thank you Sassafras for this opportunity to stock up on our favs :)


Ordered... Thank goodness!


Had to grab both! Love Sass!!!


I didn't even think two seconds about whether or not I should order these two! So excited to add to my huge stash of Sassafras, you can never have too much Sass!


Yeah!!! so happy to be able to stock up on Sass :) thanks so much!!!

Kate Vickers

Got both boxes! I love you guys! Your goodbye posts to your DT have made me so sad! :( ...Don't be a stranger, Sass!

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

While I wanted both really, really, really bad, I got Box #2, because I have NO Sunshine Broadcast! Thank you! I miss you already! :(


So... Box #2 has how many papers? Is it just Sunshine Broadcast?

Nirupama Kumar

i bought a box, but it fills my heart with sadness :(
bye sassafras


Is the second box ALL Sunshine Broadcast?


This will be my first box, and also my last. Thanks for the offer. And I will miss your fantastic product line.

Ann Cicilie

I ordered both boxes - thanks for an amazing deal!

So sad to see your goodbyes to the DT - I hope we'll soon see some paper goodnes designed by you guys!

Bethany E.

I can't seem to order the Grand Box #1...is anyone else having this problem? The other 2 options are working for me, but I just want box #1. Trying to order...help! :D


oh this is so great! just ordered mine - canĀ“t wait to get it :-)


few answers to the questions that have come up so far:

the second box has sunshine broadcast AND starters.

the Box #1 "buy now" button has been fixed.


Got my box today and I totally LOVE it!!!! So so so worth it!!!!

Coco Lette

What about shipping? to the uk... :)

HP Print Cartridge

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Melissa Cobbs

I am so bummed I missed out on this!!

Tiffanie Johnson

I ordered both boxes, got charged and haven't gotten any type of confirmation that my order has shipped. It's been 10 days...


I haven't received my boxes or a shipping notification yet either. So I emailed asking my order status (to the email address in my PayPal receipt) but have not received a reply...

Melissa Johnson

I also ordered on Oct 28th, paid through paypal, got a receipt, but haven't received any shipping confirmation or the box for that matter. I emailed Rebecca, but haven't heard anything.


Tiffanie Johnson

It seems a few of us aren't haven't received our orders and are unable to get in touch with anyone as Sassafrass. I love their product line and feel so disappointed about the service we are receiving. If anyone has suggestions, let us know...


I'm in the same boat, no mystery box here, no shipping confirmation, no response to my emails, but my payment has went through. :(


Same. Gonna have to make a dispute to PayPal if I don't hear anything by Monday.

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