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29 September 2011


Amber Risher

Def a 10!!! :)


10+++ Sassafras and Studio Calico that's a dream combination. Ever since Sassafras was one of my fav companies and I bought all the collections, some of them twice. With Studio Calico it's the same. There couldn't be anything better than a combination of the two!

Jennifer Chapin

Ummm, I am a 10, seriously! I love these products so thank you for the chance to win!!


I would say a 10!! The designs in the kit are just beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.

Karen B.

Oy, a ten for sure! You two go hand in hand!

Jamie Long

TEN!! The sass exclusives this month are to die for.


10 10 10! I think it's beautiful!

Charity Donaldson

Those exclusive products are making me drool!!! It's a 10!

tina phillips

!) and then some!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

April W

I would looooooove to win this!! I'm going with a 10 for how excited I am about the exclusive goodies. ;)
- April W

Lara Carson

Sassafras is always cute, and seeing it in Studio Calico kits is exciting. I always adore the little borders on the paper! It is an added bonus!

Katie G

ummm.....100! I <3 Sass and I <3 Calico....sooo......yeah, of COURSE I LOVE this pairing!


Absolutely 10!!! I'm so excited that I'll still be able to get my hands on some Sass!

Jamie D

Definitely 10! Sassafras is so easy to pair with other items.

Katie Gain

Definitely a 10 - I love Sassafras and Studio Calico and I especially love the butterflies in this kit!

Karry Weaver

Sassafras + Studio Calico = (Swoon + giddy)longing. lol That's my Sassy math. Can I just say wow! 2 of my favorites, together! That's off the charts, an easy 11 if you ask me!! I can't wait to get my hands on that kit.

angie gutshall

I'm so excited to see more "exclusive" products!! Can't wait to see what's in store for both companies!! Thank you for a chance to win!


Definitely a 10! Love some Sass with my Calico.


Hmmm... dare I say my number is well over 10??? Try 100!!! I'm loving this!

Amy Cannon

Most definetly a 10!!!!! Love it!!!

christy a

10! I love Sassafras and am SOOOO happy you will still be offering products!

Cheryl Leong

I would rate 20, I'm sorry I couldn't rate a 10 :)


Loooove the products you made for SC. I am at a 10 for wanting to see more Sassafras with SC!


10 10 10!!!! The kit is great, Sassafras is awesome!!! I'm so excited that Sassafras will continue on in some way and that it's not gone alltogether. Thanks so much for a chance to win :)

Amy Coose

Yep, a 10 here as well. Can't wait for this new direction.

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