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29 September 2011


Liza Bermudez

A definite 10! It's always exciting to work on Sassafras products as the results are always beautiful!


You want us to tell you how excited we are about all of this?! And then you give us a sclae that only reaches til 10?! Well, ladies and gentleman, assuming that ten is the UBER TOP, I´d say I am excited like... I cant freakin tell ya :D Sassfras= AWESOME, Studio Calico=AWESOME Sassfras+Studio Callico= close to fainting :D Ok ok, back to the scale... on the 1-10 scale, it´s def. a 1billion :)

Go go go!
xx Janna

Renee Aslette

Can I say 11 because I am totally excited to use Sassafrass with Studio Callico kits!

Colleen T.

10 plus plus! I have an all day crop coming up and would love to show it off!

Abby Valencia

A 10! I literally hoard the Sassafrass goodies I used to get when I had a sub with Studio Calico! I would wait until I found that perfect photo to use those papers with and I would use every single scrap of those papers until I had no more! That kit club really knows how to pair a variety of different companies' products into cohesive kits. I had to let my subscription go, but this month's kit is breaking me down into buying it-because I just can't say no to all the goodies inside-especially those butterflies!

Andrea Jumapao

In English: TEN, ten, 10
Spanish: Diez
Chinese: 十
Norwegian: Ti
Filipino: Sampu
German: Zehn
Finnish: Kymmenen
Irish: Deich
Welsh: Ten (lol...duh)
Hebrew: עשר
Swahili: kumi

Yep, like I said, it is a 10!


10, 10, ten!!!



I want to win this kit more than words can describe! It is easily the best cooperation Studio Calico has ever had. The papers and embellies are amazing. The border stickers in Glee Club are fabulous too. Sassafras is my fave company for Studio Calico to work with, and I am SO looking forwards to your future creations. So that would be a 10!!!!!!


Nearly an 11 really ;)

Kim Lietze

Exclusive Sassa products are always exciting, so my answer is 10!!!

Sandra J

Loving the exclusives, so has to be a 10 :)


10 times infinity (:
I adore sassa stuff and studio calico kits are just awesome :D
thank you for the chance!


Easy 10 - love the exclusives sooo much! Keep 'em coming! And thanks for partnering - it was one of the most brilliant ideas, ever!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell

Definitely a 10! I love Sassafras and I love Studio Calico, so put them together and WOW!


Hello, hello:) I would say about a 11. I will miss my Sassaras products but I am looking forward to whats in store for you guys in the future!!!


10 also ! I love Sassafras Products ! Studio Calico's kits are juste fabulous ! Love them too ! Thanks :)

(Andrea : Dix in French, عشرة (achra) in Arabic and десять (dieciat) in russian ;))


A 10 for sure!!! Thank you for the chance to win!

Angela H.

Ten, of course! Especially since it's the last frontier of Sassafras goodies!!

Heather Topich

definitely a 10... I love SC kits, and Sass can't go wrong!

Janet Lebeau

Without a doubt a 10!!!! This kit looks amazing! Thank you for the chance to win it!

Dulcinea Silva

Totally excited! I definitely give a 10!!!

Jasmine Ford

Oh...a 10 for sure! LOVE Sassafras stuff and excited to see them new stuff exclusively for SC!!

Jen Benoit

10, 10, 10, a million times over 10!!!!!!! I love normal Sass to the ends of the earth. Special Sass in Studio Calico kits is a million times better!


DEFINITELY a 10! This is an absolutely AMAZING kit!!! Would love to win it :)

Jennifer Grace

Err, a 10 obviously! This kit looks amazing, and the sassafras papers in it make me itch to get my hands on one and get creating! Thanks for the chance to win! X

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