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03 August 2011



I love ur title, love the alphas for sure :) I have one to share too : http://s1142.photobucket.com/albums/n614/jcchris/Scrappin%20Studio/?action=view&current=IMG_8656.jpg


Sweet layout!

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

Oh how fun!! CUTE layout!! I love it!

Anne Pennington

Loving Emily's layout.

I hope you like mine too! It features Babycakes Snookum Pie and her sister ... lol!!


Nicolle Kramer

Had a fun time with this challenge....emailed mine to you..:)

Doris Widder

Great challenge! I've emailed my entry. :-D


I entered and have just emailed off my layout to the emailaddy above. Slightly confused as the post above says post a comment here when you have emailed - so - no posting on our own blogs until this challenge is done? (Last time I entered this challenge I believe we were asked to link up our entries too)

Patricia Roebuck

Emailed my layout...love this idea and have started doing it on more layouts!


Love your LO, Emily! You've got mail! I just sent my entry in, and I'm going to Blog about it soon. I love mixing letter and fonts together, it adds a lot of interest.

Diane Payne

Love the challenge. I sent you an entry and here is a link to it on my blog.


emily pitts

ania, post on your blog too :) and link it here in the comments section. sorry if i worded that poorly.


Thank you for this great challenge. I sent my layout in and blogged about it as well.



sent off my project....thanks for the inspiration this month!


Going to send you my project right now!!
Here's the link: http://moniquesscrapbook.blogspot.com/2011/08/silly-sweet-eight.html

I LOVED this challenge!! and my page came together so easily!

Renee Zwirek

I've emailed my entry and blogged about it here:


Thanks Again!

Funky Fairy - Lisa

Love this challenge and your LO too : )
I've had fun this weekend creating this.


Thanks x

Renee Zwirek

I've emailed one more entry and blogged about it here:


Thanks! A Great Challenge!

Wendy Rasbach

My entry is on its way! I blogged about it here:

I love Sassafras Lass! :)


I emailed my layout!
and blogged about it too!
Thanks so much for the great challenge!


Natalie E

I just loved this challenge. Like all good scrappers I've got my fair share of Sassafras mini-alphas. I put a bunch of them to good use on my layout here:


Great challenge, I love how my layout came out :)


It always makes it to the wonderful work enjoyment.

The challenge in July was chosen. Thank you.
The challenge in August was made happy, too.
Riko's work is a 3D.
3D was loved and the flower was made. ^^
Thank you.

leeann Pearce

thanks for the super fun alpha challenge here's my take...weee


Amy Cannon

Thanks for looking!! Mine is as easy and simple as they get, but colorful!! :)


I was really inspired by this challenge. It was a bit hard, since I only have those big alphas. But it worked.


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