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25 July 2011


Chloe S.

Trying to order but it's adding $30 on top of the $65!! I regretted not ordering last time, don't want to miss it this time. Please fix the shipping thing so I can order!! :)


hi same here. It stated USD75 for international but when i go to paypal i have to pay additional USD30 for shipping. I am confused.


I'm having the same problem. I'd love to buy but it keeps adding shipping. Help please! I don't want to miss this again!!

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

The information above says "domestic shipping included", but PayPal tacked on shipping!! Help!!

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

I paid my PayPal invoice anyway and sent an email. Please let me know. Thanks!!


the shipping error has been fixed! so sorry about that everyone! if you paid your invoice anyways we will refund the extra shipping amount you were charged.

michelle stanzione

this is my first one wasn't going to pass it up this year!!can't wait to get me some sass!! <3


is there any way to tell what lines will be available in these? there are some older ones that i miss so much and would love to find more of! thank you.

Danielle P (GirlracerScrap)

Worked fine for me!!! TY! I can't wait!


bummer... sold out :( i need to work faster next time xoxox


When are you going to announce the winners of the CHA challenges???


Do you send out shipping notices when the box ships? Thanks so much!! Cindy C


Omg I got mine, in love!!!

cela messenger

I got mine today! I love it but I was kind of bummed that it was exactly the same as the last box. I love indie girl though, it is gorgeous!! so I am still happy.

Laura B.

Are you really sold out? :(


is there anymore?


What can I do to get notification of the next box sale?

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