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01 April 2011


Helen Tilbury

Wow that was such fun having a look at my layout up on your blog!!! and seeing all the other inspiring entries too! Thanks so much for featuring us all here - can't wait to see what the challenge for April is - LOVED the blocking idea :)


Thanks for including mine in your top 20. :) Super happy!!! Amazing how they all look so different, but all use the same technique. I can't wait for April's challenge.

Michelle Hernandez

Oh WOW! I don't envy the person who has to pick a winner- each and every page is AMAZING! I think I finally understand what blocking is on a layout as well- I've had it explained in many different ways but it's nice to see so many stand out examples in one place.


YAY!!!! So AWESOME to see my girls Kim and Diana up there! Great LO's girls!!!


Yay for the top 20!! :)

Audrey Yeager

Woo hoo! Thanks so much for choosing my page!!! I think I am gonna be lovin' these monthly challenges! Congrats to Diana, too!!


WOW.....so amazing to see I've made the top 20!!!! This was a definte challenge for me and I loved it!!!! Can't wait for April!

Good luck to everyone...amazing layouts!


Thank you:) Some wonderful competition though. I am just happy to be in your twenty! Thank you once again.


Wow! Thank you! I'm so stoked to have made it into the top 20! I love all the entries - all so different! I learned a great technique from participating so thank you once again! :D


Wow! For me it is a gift that my LO is in this fantastic blog. Thanks and good luck to all, are beautiful.

Heather Leopard

Yay for Audrey and Diana! These are all so great!

leeann Pearce

How Awesome to see so many yummy sassy pages here... thanks so much for showing mine, it was loads of fun creating...cheers xxx


Wow!!! these are awesome!!! I don't envy those chosing the winner!!! Thank you soooo much for adding me in the top 21!!!

Rhonda V.

Woo Hoo!!! Loving all the inspiration and Yayyyyy Jodi! Your work always rocks!!!


WOW!!! allll sooooo stunning!!! well done ladies :)

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