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08 December 2010



I love to paper craft because it allows me to express things I can't with words!

Carrie Rosalind

I have a crush on this paper!!! :)

I love to paper craft because I love mixing pretty colors and creating a page of a treasured memory. <3

Stephanie Howell

It makes my heart happy.


because it makes me a happier, calmer person. I love to create something that will go to my children. I love to play with nice colors, it makes me feel good!

ana manzana

I love beautiful things :)


I paper craft because I love making things with my hands. I always remember the quote "I scrapbook because my hands get jealous of all the work my brain does." :)


it gives me an excuse to make a mess!

Angela H.

because...I love to play! And create. And see such quick and fun results! And share them with y'all, too.


I love to paper craft because it makes me feel like a kid again:)


I love to paper craft because it's wonderful combination of memory keeping and art. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful new product!

lisa truesdell

I love to papercraft because it let's me freeze time. There's nothing like pulling out older pages and having the moment come flooding back.


I love to paper craft because i love making things and have an absolute love for paper!


I love to paper craft because I get to buy all of the pretties!


It's beautiful, charming, addicting, and legacy leaving....

Jen Barkdull

it honestly makes me happy and makes me feel creative, especially since I don't consider myself a creative person.

marcy penner

it keeps me sane! ;)

Summer Braxton

... because the products are so amazingly fun and beautiful. Paper Crush is proof.

 rebecca keppel

I love to papercraft because I get giddy when I see new Sassafras goodies!

Marti Richards

I love to paper craft because it just makes me happy! :) Thank you for a chance to win!

christy a

it allows me to create beautiful things that tell stories that i want to remember and hand down. love that i get to use my creative side (that makes me happy) to preserve memories. this collection is adorable by the way! :)

Diana Fisher

I love to paper craft because I love getting the creativity in my head out onto a page. And then sharing that with others.

Christie Wildes

I love to be creative and do whatever I want on my pages. It helps me have a creative outlet and keeps me well-balanced. :)


it makes me happy!


I love to paper craft because it preserves memories of my family...and because it keeps me sane ;)
LOVE the new collection ;)

melissa (aussiescrapper)

because......my little boy does some funny, silly, and unique little things and I want to remember them forever, I cherish every milestone and new face he pulls and action he has learned. I love looking back on his life (he is 3.8yrs) and seeing how he has grown...Thank god I am a scrapbooker. Melxx

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