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08 December 2010


Melissa Mann

I love to paper craft because of all the cool stuff we get to use!!! Love this new collection!

Amy Megan

I love to paper craft becausse it warms my heart to give something sentimental or fun to others. I can show my true feelings on paper, sometimes easier than I can out loud.


Because I am capturing memories... I can stop time with my scrap pages!


Because I am paper crazy!!! I love to just get it out and look at it all!

J. JOnes

I love love love expressing myself via my paper crafting... It cheers me up and is cheaper than therapy!!

Miss Cooper

because I get to play with Sassafras goodies and make the prettiest pages ever!!


I love to paper craft because Sassafas do the sweetest papers. Loving the new line guys....I can see a real love affair with this line.

lindsay k./aggiebonfire00

we recently lost my grandmother to alzheimer's. my biggest fear is that i'll suffer from it too. i love to paper craft because i know that i will leave a legacy about myself and my family. they won't have to wonder about my favorite recipes or fun memories that i have of them growing up. they can open up the 3,248 albums i've made. ha ha

Brenda H

i love to paper craft because the creative process relaxes me, and i love pretty paper and embellies.

Izzy B

I love to paper craft because it's relaxing, it preserves my family's memories and because it's fun to make things. LOVE this new collection. Super sweet.

michelle costa

i love paper crafting because it is so rewarding to create something that is so beautiful :)


I love to papercraft because I can be creative and some of what is in my head can come out!


It's a great stress relief and a unique creative outlet and art form. The fact that each page is handmade, means that no 2 pages are alike. It makes the end result more sentimental and heartfelt.


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because it helps keep me sane!


Fabulous letter stickers!

Stine Maansen

...it makes me happy! It is as simple as that! I adore all of your cute paper - it makes my heart skip a beat everytime you release a new line!

Nancy L.

it relaxes me.


I forget about everything else and loose myself in nothing but my paper arts.

jen k

i love to paper craft because....i love colour and all things bright and cheery, and it gives me the excuse to buy cute stuff and make pretty things!!

Abby Laubenstein

I love to paper craft because of so many reasons, but one is that I have a horrible memory. So much of my son's childhood and family events are a blur to me and it's a HUGE joy to go into my albums and see photos and stories that I've forever captured creatively. To have our lives and events documented helps me to remember all those precious moments.

This is a beautiful collection! Thanks so much for a chance to win! :)


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Melanie S.

i love to paper craft because.....it makes me happy! (that and I love buying cute supplies!)

Penelope Lach

I love to paper craft because I love getting messy and playing with paper and supplies! Creating a memory is a bonus.

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