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08 December 2010


Abby W.

i love to paper craft because it is a way for me to preserve my families memories and allows me to tell their stories while satisfying my need for a creative outlet. This way I don't feel guilty when I have to have the ME time I need afterawhile.

Cheryl Waters

Absolutely lovely! Thanks for sharing the sneaks and certainly paper crush!

darlene nahre

I have a "Paper Crush" on Sassafras!!

Janet Zeppa

I love to look back on my pages and love to share my albums with my family and I just love the whole creative process!

Heather V

it is creative therapy. After I scrapbook, I feel so much better, no matter how my day has gone.

Melissa B.

Love it! The tiny flowers on blue make me very happy!

 love to paer craft because it makes ME happy and makes other people happy also when

I love to paper craft because it makes me happy!


i love to paper craft because......

its so fun to do!

Stacey Kingman

That is really an impossible sentence to finish! I love to paper craft because I love color and pattern and words that remind and encourage...


Trop trop beau!!!


I feel calm when I'm doing it and complete excitement and elation when I'm finished! Love exercising those creative muscles ;D


I love to craft because its my favorite way to express myself and preserve my family memories.


I love to paper craft because ... it's a way of escaping from every day problems and focussing on the happy times.


its something creative I can do!


creating with paper is so much fun!


it lets me escape to my own little world. :)3qna95

Donna C

Adorable love the colors!

Amy H

Be still my paper loving heart! I LOVE it! The alphas are fantastic too!

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Mel Tallman

I love to paper craft because... as long as I can remember I loved playing and creating with paper. Now being able to document my kids and my thoughts with the aid of the paper setting the tone for my message I'm trying get accross, Paper is a perfect medium.


I adore the colours, the look and feel and just cannot get enough crafting together with my 3 year old who wants to be 'as good as her mum' when she has grown up. I can look at the Sassafras goodies time and time again for so long and dream away, they are so pretty that I am hesitatnt putting my scissors into it :))

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