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08 December 2010


emily pitts

the colors make me happy.

Lynn Ghahary

i love the satisfaction of making pretty things with my hands.


I love the creative process when making something meaningful and pretty.

Holly H.

I love to paper crafter because it is a creative outlet and helps me relax. :)

Christa P.

I love to tell our story. Having pretty papers and embellishments makes that process easier!


It's quick and easy, but sometimes the results are stunning.
It captures memories that would otherwise be lost.
It's (relatively) inexpensive.
There's SO much pretty paper!!!!


oh i love it all!

Amy Coose

I love to paper craft because it helps me to get down all the little moments that I'd most likely forget. Thanks for the chance to win!


I love to paper craft because I get to play with pretty Sassafras papers.


I should probably read the whole thing, sorry I was excited! I love to paper craft because I love having a finished product quickly. I am very impatient and scrapbooking is the perfect craft for me because I can complete a page much faster than a quilt and feel satisfied!


I love to paper craft because I love to see the things that can be made out of a relatively everyday item. It brings me happiness to create and paper is a unique medium because it has many many options and no two people use it the same.


it makes me feel like a kid again!


I love to paper craft because I love to work with pretty things & I love the fact that I get to be the "Family Memory Preserver".

Thanks for the chance to win! That is such a lovely collection!

caroline hancock

because i love to play with all the wonderful products and tell our family story :)

Beth Ann

I love to paper craft because....it makes me happy!


"i love to paper craft because......it makes me feel just a teensy bit arty! :)


it takes me away to my "lala" land where i am happy and relaxed, like there's no care in the world, and i can immerse myself in creativity =)

Amy Parker

I love to paper craft because it is my only creative outlet. There is something so awesome about working with paper, and turning it into a work of art! It is the most fun I have ever had creating anything. I am a paper scrapper for life. :D

Thanks so much for a chance to win! This collection looks amazing! And is beyond adorable! :D

Karen B.

I love to papercraft becuase I just love seeing the barefeet of my two boys peek out from under their big scrapbooks I made for them, and to see their huge smiles when they look at the pages I make for them.

Stacy Hamby

I love to paper craft because things made of paper are so GOOD; books, newspapers, mail, notes, photos and cards. What's not to like?


there are just so many creative ways to use one product, and two people can take something and turn it into two completely different, yet beautiful projects!

Angela Fehr

What a great line! Love it all!
I love to papercraft for many reasons, but one is that I love using such beautiful products!

Megan A

I love to paper craft because there are so many possibilities that it allows a ton of creativity and there are so many gorgeous products to play with - like this new line! Ahhhh! love it!

Lisa C.

I love all the pretty papers and stickers!! I love you Sassafras :)

Jennifer R

I love to make things for others. There is nothing better than sitting down with all your favorite paper items and creating something that brings joy to other people. People generally really appreciate a hand made card.

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