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26 November 2010


Sophia Allison

My MIL is dying and we think it could be any day now. I am grateful for each and every extra minute we get to be with her...it is very precious!

sheena x

This year has been fraught with upset but I am so thankful for a kind, loving and supportive family x

Mandie W

What a gorgeous kit! I'm grateful for my family and friends and new job (at a craft store)! I feel blessed!


Like many, I am also grateful for family--loving, supportive, wonderful family!!


I am grateful for all of the above and must say that I am thankful for Sassafras' pattern paper borders that making using every scrap of paper divine!!

Carrie K

I am so thankful to have a job and a home and be surrounded by family!

Karen B.

I'm so very grateful for my two energetic health big brown eyed boys. They are the love of my life.

Rachel Mackin

I'm grateful for my family, especially my two lovely boys. :)

kim smart

i am very thankful for my family and friends and that we all have good health!

Esther Byers

I am grateful that my husband comes home today from working up north. Now we can start to decorate for Christmas!

Brenda Lewis

I'm gonna have to say my boys! No matter how bad my day is or how hard of a time I've had with them, they always find a way to make me smile and laugh.=)


I am most grateful for my freedom and to have a reliable/secure job after having lost mine.


my friends, family, and health

Abby Laubenstein

I'm grateful for sisterhood. I have 3 sisters who are my best friends. We are each others biggest supporters and cheerleaders. Love them with all my heart. Thank you SL and SC :)

Stacy Hamby

I am so grateful to have a mortgage-free home. My husband is unemployed right now and having a roof over our heads is our saving grace.


I am grateful for my family's good health!!

Love that deal! Thanks!


I'm grateful for my family and good friends!

Kim M

My mom has been very ill and I am very grateful that she is now on the mend and able to spend the holidays with us.

christy a

I am grateful for how wonderful my husband has been this past year and a half when I have been out of work (laid off). He has been super fantastic, supportive and very lovely.


I am grateful we have family I have, for the good health of my child.


I am sooo grateful this holiday season to have my brother and his girlfriend living back in the area so that we can spend more time together! Thanks for the chance to win this gorgeous kit :O)

aly severance

I woke up the day before Thanksgiving with the WORST cold. So I missed out on Thanksgiving festivities this year. :(
I think it was the universe reminding me that I need to be thankful for my good health more often!


Thankful for my family, our health, and the fact that we get to spend time with each other often.


i'm grateful for my family and friends... i'm so lucky ! thank you !


Wow that is a Gorgeous kit!! I am thankful for my supportive family!!

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