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26 November 2010


Margrethe Aas Johnsen

I'm so grateful of my husband! Best man there is!


I'm so grateful for my husband! Best man there is!

Stormy E

i am grateful for wonderful, healthy friends and family this holiday season. our family has truly been blessed this year and I am so grateful for that!


I'm grateful to have a loving husband, awesome family, fabulous friends and a nice warm house to come home to. Oh!! and can't forget my dog Harry and my kitty Copper. Between my hubby and the pets I'm always smiling and laughing everyday :)


Love this kit!! I'm grateful for my family and friends!


I am super grateful for a warm home and a loving family this year!

Jenny Alfonso

I am grateful for my husband and our two wonderful kids!

amy tangerine

so grateful for our families to have met one another! JC's family flew in from Pittsburgh and my dad & his wife flew in from Atlanta. So wonderful to have them all celebrate Thanksgiving with us in Sunny Southern California.

Monika Wright

Grateful for a husband who still loves me, adores me, likes me, puts up with me, hugs me and is my best friend ever...even after almost 13 years of marriage! Now that's a gift.

julie urban

I am grateful EVERYDAY for the opportunity to be a mother and wife to the most wonderful boys on earth and to a hard-working, handsome, loving husband. I am grateful for my faith.

Clare Dempsey

I am so grateful for my healthy family! Thanks for the chance to win! cjdempsey9 at msn dot com


I'm grateful that my hubby has a job, that my family is healthy and that we live in a free country.

Emily T.

I am grateful for my new little niece. She is such a joy!


My family takes the number one spot on my list... We added two more in august, so we are double blessed

Lynn Bailey

i am greatful for my son. he's only 21 months but his smile has the power to make even the worst of days much better.


HOly smokes!!! What a pretty kit! I need to send my hubby on over to stuff my stocking!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!1
This year I am thankful that the fire in my in-laws home the night before thanksgiving was not worse! Everyone is alright and bc of that we have so much to be thankful for!!


I am grateful to have found a hobby that allows me to show the world how grateful I am for everything else!

jody ferlaak

Love that you have awesome designers who keep creating wonderful products for crafters like us. Studio Calico looks as great as always. Happy holidays to all of you at Sassafras!

Patty W

I am so grateful every day for my beautiful little girl - she is the light of my life and the best thing that has ever happened to me. She is growing up too fast!!!

Thanks for the chance to win.

Amy Coose

I am so grateful for my family. Thanks for the chance to win!


I am grateful for a HEALTHY family!

Diana Albright

I am most thankful this holiday for my husband and daughter. It will be her very first Christmas this year.


i am grateful to have a wonderful family and to still have a job at this difficult time.

CJ Brandon

I'm grateful for the roof over our heads, the food on our table, the clothes on our backs & the ability to laugh & love as a family.


I am so grateful for my son, for having my health back, my job, and for having scrapbooking in my life.

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