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04 October 2010



My favorite summer memory this year was being in one of my best friends weddings. It was so beautiful and I was so honored to be a part of it!


Here in FL we have an extended summer, it's not quite fall yet... But my favorite summer memory will be spending the weekends in our backyard pool. We enjoyed it so much we decided to finally spend the money and have it refinished. It truly deserved it will be finished for our last pool party of the season - this weekend!

christy a

My favorite summer memory is just spending time relaxing either at the lake or the pool and watching my daughter learn to swim well this summer. LOVE that kraft alpha. Seriously amazing stuff!!


love the new alphas!!

Leah the Orange

OH.MY.GOOMIE! those alphas! i LURRRVE the burlap something FIERCE!

thanks for all the GORJE eye candy! my favorite summer memory from 2010 was hitting the Crystal Cave with my hubbin - my very first time in a cave, a fabulous nature trail hike afterwards, and topped off by a COTTON CANDY ice cream bar. PERFECTION!


Love those flowers! Great projects!

Natalie E

Great projects, and I can't wait until those new products hit my store!!
The thing I love most about summer is simply lazy afternoons outside watching the kids run around and play.

wendi r

oh my gosh those alphas are AMAZING!!!!! love them... and great projects..
fave things about summer, longer and warmer days and feeling playful outside

melissa (aussiescrapper)

Wow I love those alphas,,,,have to have them. Summer means loose clothes and no-one cares, swimming, lots more mojo for gardenning and oh yeah I forgot AIR-CON....lol


LOVE all those alphas and love the size as well!
Fave summer memory has to be camping...s'mores and trails and fire-chats and waking up in the cold morning dew...*sigh* :)

Andrea MacDonald

I love all of it!!!
Summer favourites??? Going to the beach, Kayaking on the ocean, picnics in the park and all of the fabulous festivals we have on Vancouver Island.

Abby W

Well my favorite summer memory from this year was the birth of my daughter on 7/21! I was excited not only to add another member to my family, but also to be able to buy all the cutesy girly collections out there! My son has outgrown cutesy!

Monica Blain

I had sooo many summer memories from this year. I traveled to Dallas, Denver, Oregon, and Seattle in 3 months' time! So there were lots of good memories to scrap so I can remember every detail. My favorite one? Probably driving to the Oregon coast with my brother and his girlfriend. We (my brother and I) grew up in separate states, so we've had few chances to really spend "quality" time with each other. I am glad I got the chance to spend so much time with him during our road trip.


Wow - I love the new alphas and flowers!!

Favorite summer memory was my families first trip to New York. Such fun!!


My fav summer memory was heading to chicago with the fam and getting to go to the CHA supershow! FUN!

Michelle (from KY)

This summer the best thing I did was celebrate my twin nephews' FIRST birthday! It was so fun, they are awesome!

Mandie W

I love summers when I can lounge in the pool with a good book! Love the new products!

Lexi Bridges

Fav summer memory is simply watching my boys eating popsicles..without a care in the world!! Sticky juice running down their chin, wet grass on their toes=summer in all it's perfection ;)

And speaking of perfection..those vintage brooches and alphas and new blossoms!!??!! Oh. MY!!!


favorite summer memory - camping and watching the stars at night

Laura Stewart

love those craft letters

I would have to say camping with my Grandpa when I was young


My fav summer memory is eating icy cold watermelon and spitting the seeds on the grass :-). Loving those alphas!!!!!!


my favorite summer memory was going ocean kayaking with some of my friends...we got to see sea lions sitting on the rocks, and it was an all-around fun day!

Julie Tucker-Wolek

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!! These are all amazing!! Thanks sooooooooooo much for giving Mirjam a shout out for her little house she made for my challenge blog "These are a Few of My Favorite Things!" :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Beth W

Can't wait to get my hands on some of those minis-they are indeed perfect. The birdhouse is the cutest one I've seen-will have to give it a try.


wow...how cool to see my sassafras house overhere!!!!thanks!!!
my fave summer memory...to wake up early in the morning and hear the blackbirds singing on a rooftop...a begin of a new beautiful summer day!

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