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12 October 2010



The Chicago layout definately looks like Larissas work, here's her blog: http://lariscrap.blogspot.com


I agree! That little plane has Larissa written all over it! Thanks for the eye candy! :)

Tracy Sarra

I think my favorite thing about scrapbooking is just being creative. I enjoy the process of creating art that reflects my personality.

lori Gentile

That layout by "Lori Gentile" is really by the fabulous Kathleen Glossop. I believe it was inspired by one of mine. Kat's layout is stunning, as is all the ones featured here.

christy a

Love all of the layouts! Just lovely!! My sister started me scrapbooking (although secretly I have always been one to doodle and keep a sticker book as a kid)! Love the creative escape that also preserves memories and tells a story! All my favorites in one hobby!!

Becky Williams

Congrats, Tanya!

Anna B.

Fabulous eye candy!! I got into scrapping the week I brought my first daughter home from the hospital in 1998. I had a c-section & had a lot of recovery time on my hands. So I ended up scrapping with glue sticks & construction paper. Oh how times have changed!


Gorgeous LOs!!

My fave thing bout scrapbooking? It keeps me (what passes for - almost) sane! ;)


I made my Dad a scrapbook and he just loved it. I was hooked after that. And my husband is a bit of an addict as well. He love buying me scrappy supplies even though he would never admit it. Things just show up in my mail. I have to admit I love it:)


Love these layouts! My fave thing is making photos come to life with creativity! :D


I wanted to document the loss of a favorite pet (it was only my dh & myself back then)... so I wandered into a scrapbook store... the rest, as they say, "is history"...

Larissa Albernaz

I did that layout! Now you can give me the credits.

Kathleen Glossop

Lol @ Larissa, yep, can pick your work a mile away!!!

Thanks very much for the LO love!!!!


Paula G

Scrapping is my way of unwinding and connecting at the same time. Being creative is relaxing to me because I just go with whatever my creatiave flow tells me to. I also love being my family's documentor.


Those layouts are fabulous! Scrapbooking was a labor of love for the start for me- I became completely engaged to it when my late husband was diagnosed with A.L.S. Knowing that I wanted to capture as many moments as possible for albums for the kids and myself. After he passed it was very therapeutic for me to scrap and create special books for each of us.
P.S. Your Mix & Mend set is my current fav- really love it. So creative!

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