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14 September 2010


Rachel Mackin

The things that make me an indie girl are, the way I dress, the music I listen to and my appreciation of individual style and art. And I love crafting.:)


my tastes in indie products and the refrain from mainstreamed stuff (:


Sometimes I am flowery
Sometimes I am blue
Sometimes I'm green with envy
And I can be a sweet treat too.

All those things are in Indie Girl
And the range is just like me
With sassafras as my crafy stash
My creativity runs free

Okay so I'm no poet, but I didn't know what to write in prose so I tried something different ;) Love the kit. Off to check out the site now x


Fab giveaway!.. My taste and out-of-the-way style makes me an Indie girl! :)


My crafts and my styler make me an indie girl, I'd say :) (Oh and I have a thing with buddhas, too... ;) )


I think.. my tastes in indie products :)) Love this kit!


Well, I'm not really an Indie girl, but winning some Indie girl stuff would definitely help!

Stephanie Baxter

Wow, what a fabulous pretty kit!


I'm free in my thinking and feel free in my crafting. That's what makes me an Indie Girl.


What makes me an indie girl??

I'd rather win all this pretty scrap goodness rather than pay for it! :)


I am an Indie girl in the way that I live. I am me and don't conform to some mold that people think I should be. Being oneself and being happy about it is what an Indie girl is.


What makes me an Indie girl - the way I want to live my life - I don't always manage it but I always work towards it :) xx


my tastes in indie products I guess !!!
thanks for the chance to win this fabulous kit !!


I'm a free woman, i'm a free mother and I love the way I live...

Vitoria B

My taste make me indie girl... And I love buddhas too..:-)

Sarah Lou

having three boys help, i can be sweet sassy and totally girly, but i can fix your bike chain and tell a mean fart joke with the best of them. Take me as I am or not at all!!


I am an Indie Girl in lots of ways: I no longer care what people think of the way I look, the way I openly hug and kiss my 3 children at the most random times (even in the grocery store! lol) and I no longer scrapbook for other people's approval. I do what I like on my pages becasue after all, they are mine ;)
Thanks for the chance to win! The kit is gorgeous!!

Heather Topich

I'm an indie girl because I'm raising my own girls to have substance and not be all pink frills and lace. They are amazing little ones and I know they are going to be strong women, too.


I play Lego Indiana Jones with my hubby, does that make me an Indie Girl?
Love this line & the cute LOs!


I've never been very good at following the crowd. Loving all the possibilities with this great kit! Thanks for sharing.


ack...what a gorgeous kit

I am a lover of all things kitschy and vintage..and well SASS ofcourse

Lara Carson

I love to be a little tomboyish sprinkled with a little girly girl...thanks for the chance to win!

Natalie E

My taste in products, clothes, music, life, etc etc makes me a free and easy Indie Girl!


I came to the U.S. by myself at the age of 17 to attend college while my parents stayed behind in Africa. I didn't see them for four years and only talked to them twice on the phone during that time. I think I'm pretty indie :)

April W

I'm an Indie Girl because I'm carefree but upbeat in an awesome way! ;)
- April W

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