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13 September 2010



simply fantastically beautiful! Can't wait to get my hands on some. =D


Just had my papers delivered today. Can't wait to find the time to scrap pictures of my newborn son.


love this!!!!!!!


Michelle you ROCKED IT as always! Love the michelle/sass mix! So perfect! Hope to see more in the future. ;0)



Mandie W

Such a beautiful collection! Can't wait to get that one!




gorgeous!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Diana Fisher

Wow, I love seeing how this collection came to together!! I've had a chance to play around with it a bit, and I loved working with the line.

christy a

Loved hearing the "back" story! Can't wait to play with this collection!


Congrats Michelle! This is such an amazing line....with all the Michelle perks! Great job Rebecca and Tim for letting Michelle wow us with Sassafras class.

Angela Fehr

That is absolutely amazing! And I love that this line was designed by a BC girl! :)

Ann Cicilie

I would really really really love to be a little mouse that could sit on her desk and watch her be creative... Like, really. Yup.



wow great collection! I love the colors and patterns ...

Christina Klauer

wow..how amazing & fun..can't wait to get my hands on some!!


Love Michelle's work! Love Mix&Mend! Love getting the peek into the design process! So, so cool!

Jenny Dziekan

i just loove this post. always loved michelle's work and it'sso fun to see the process. love me some sass. thanks!!


I can't wait to get to play with this collection!

Pearl Liu

wonderful insight ! love the pages I've made with this line so easily so far ! ;)


Stephanie Hart

Michelle is fabulous!!! This is a beautiful collection, I can't wait until my order arrives!

So cool to see how it was made....hope to see many more collections designed by MC!


This was fascinating. Cannot wait to get this collection-I think it's my favorite ever.

Leah the Orange

well done, Michelle! i'm in LOVE with this line and can't wait to get my hands on it! so many adorable details and i love the dimension you've managed to create on FLAT PAPERS! gorgeous! (hope we'll be seeing more from you soon!)

leeann Pearce

WOW ...Michelle you sure are an amazing woman... i love that you handmade this collection... you have so inspire me...this is the sort of thing i like to do also... created backgrounds... but you just gave me my next level... thanks so much ..i look forward in getting this collection for sure!!!

susan stringfellow

WOW! I want to be Michelle! LOL! Beautiful designs and I love seeing the process. I can not wait to get it in my hands

Anna B.

It's absolutely amazing Michelle! I'm so happy this line is coming out!! Thanks for taking us through the process too - it's so fascinating for those of us that wonder how papers come to be.

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