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19 September 2010


Angela H.

just put in my order! so excited to solve the mystery :)

Stephanie Hart

Ordered my box! Yay! I can't resist a Sassy Box sale :) Thanks!

Anna B.

I've been waiting for a super sale like this!! Just ordered my box :D

Anna B.

And I just linked the deal up on my blog too! Of couse I have to share goodness like this :)

Angela F.

I am ordering and so excited. I was just waiting for this. For everyone, I ordered this last time and it was amazing the amount of stuff I got. I loved it all too, even though I used it before:)

Jenny Brannies


Stephanie McGregor

I just got my box and THANKS it is awesome, some of the papers I really wanted and couldn't get anymore of unless I bought a piece here and there online lots of shipping charges kept me from doing that, thanks again and I LOVE ALL OF IT! You guys rock! The embellishments were a true treat the value of just those was worth the money, ok off to play with my new toys!

Sara Zenger

I am so happy I got a chance to order! Sassafrass is by far by favorite!

So excited!


My box arrived today. Thank you! It is filled with wonderful goodies and so many papers! I can not wait to play with it.


my box arrived today and it absolutely made my day. the amount of stuff inside was incredible. thank yall!!

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