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26 July 2010


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We do not at all times get our hopes and dreams, and we never generally get our very own way.
But do not quit hope, since you could make a variation a person scenario and just one man or woman at a time.

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Usually success and failure is just one step away,Life is a combination of success and failure. Both are needed

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In addition to the wide disparity in benefits, the other striking feature about the mortgage interest deduction is how well the subsidy correlates with Democratic strength. ... [The fourteen] states with the highest per capita benefit were states captured by Obama in the 2008 election [Maryland, District of Columbia, California, Connecticut, Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Colorado, Washington, Nevada, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Delaware]. In the six states with the lowest per capita benefits [West Virginia, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, Arkansas, Oklahoma], Republican challenger John McCain won the vote. ... Obama won the popular vote in 22 out of the top 26 jurisdictions, compared with 8 out of the 25 states with the lowest per capita benefits.

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To work hard brings success.


wow thats so lovely, the baby and the other things



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I must confess to being really disappointed with the flag submissions. Some of the photographs are great, but I was hoping this project would raise some interesting questions

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