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26 April 2010



We've been sprucing up the house by purging; donating and throwing away things we no longer need...out with the old and the realization that less is more (more space)!!!


i created a great banner and gave to poor people what I don't use anymore !


I've done the typical spring cleaning this year (deep cleaning everything, purging LOTS of stuff, rearranging a little) and I bought two tiny but ADORABLE spring deco items: a lovely butterfly to hang on the front door and tiny little bud vases from Target with a fresh flower in each. I love them!

Abby W

Right now we are painting the inside of our house. When we moved in only three walls in three rooms had color on them. Everything else was a nice shade of freshly painted white. And now my house feels more cozy and homey with a sage green and a light mocha color.

Kim Seldomridge

I've been spring cleaning like nobody's business! It feels good to clean out, clean up and organize. I love few things more than organization. I love taking my girls with me to take our things to Goodwill and they've done so good going through their own things. I hope they will continue the tradition of cleaning out and giving away twice a year. We Spring clean and Christmas clean. Out with the old and unused and in with the fresh and clean.


We are just buying our very first home! We are getting posession of it April 30th!!! I've been NESTING this month. I've been purchasing furniture from thrift stores to repaint/reupholster. I've been sewing fancy throw-pillows, matching bedspreads, and more! I've been picking paint colours. I've been making pretty paintings to hang on the walls.

Busy busy busy!!! How fun!!!

I absolutely ADORE Sassafrass but the local scrapbooking store does not carry it any longer and I can't find it elsewhere here in Alberta, Canada. WOULD LOVE TO WIN SOME! Thanks for the chance.

Regan Tomlin

I have had lots of sprucing up around here....I have made a bunch of fun stuff with gorgeous papers and my slice....I am really having too much fun :)

Monica B

I love spring time! So far, I have done some spring cleaning in my bedroom & scrap space. And I bought a cute new throw pillow at Pier 1 with lots of brights colors to celebrate spring!

Audra Wright

wow!! I LOVE sassafras!! As for sprucing up the house we just put in new flooring and it's awesome... sooo easy to clean!! :)

taj white

I wish I was a sassafrass designer. Because I can't create anything without a little sassafrass on it (LOL)!!
Recently I have painted my kitchen, and Scraproom in beautiful vibrant colors. The kitchen is Palamino Gold (soft yellow), and the Scraproom is a beautiful airy green. Thanks for the chance to win!!


Started sprucing here. Started wtih cleaning the porch and then I'm going to paint a bathroom :)

Melissa S.

I've been cleaning closets, purging, and reorganizing. Especially in my scrap room.

Jenn C.

Such amazing deals! We added some fresh cut tulips to our table last week, 5 of different colors, and it just made the house seem so cheerful!

Sarah C

I started with my room, stacks and stacks of magazines. I had houseguests this past weekend so that helped get me started.


What an awesome giveaway!

I've been cleaning and reorganizing my closet to make room for all my stuff!


crap snaps! this is sooooo tempting but I know I can't ):
perhaps I can win the giveaway though ^^ let's
see, I rearranged my supplies around the room
so it's on it's way to being neat! XD

Stacey Hall

My kitchen cupboards are over 20 years old, and were in need of some major help, so my best friend came and helped me paint them. We did a lime green color with a black wash rubbed into the wood! We decorated with bright yellow sunflowers and bright red poppies! We painted matching table, chairs, and barstools to make an amazingly bright fun kitchen!! It may sound a little crazy of colors, but it turned out awesome!! Can't wait to scrapbook the before and after pics!!


As I am in the midst of a HUGE project, the house is a mess - but there are two things I always take care of - a made bed and a clean sink. Everything can be in chaos, but as long as these two are looking good - I feel like I'm living in a design magazine ad...

Ann Cicilie

I have a gorgous mushroom cookie jar right in front of me <3 <3 <3 And I've had a major spring cleaning both in my scrapbooking supplies and our clothes, feels really good!


I have been cleaning, changing candles and things! Also updating photos in frames around the house!


I have been buying fresh flowers for out dining table. Just looking at them makes me feel happy!!!


Oh man your deals are soooo hard to resist!
Lately I've been keeping small bunches of tulips around in the house. It's amazing what a couple tulips can do in a bathroom!

christy a

We have been "spring" cleaning and organizing! I have also added new canisters in the kitchen which bring a much needed burst of color!

Cheryl N

I'm currently creating a scrap/craft room! I've repainted a room and am painting some baskets and sewing some liners for cute fun organization! I'm lovin' it!

Amber Scurlock

I'm in the middle of a spring purge...which is really helping me to feel like I'm finally getting rid of clutter and making my house a HOME!! =)

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