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04 January 2010


Ellen Woodbridge

Fresh Starts are the best. I love what u have planned for the blog in 2010...

I will be watching and waiting

Kelly R

1. Behind the scenes.....awesome idea, can't wait to see
2.Projects....always love the inspo
3.Inspiring Sassafras...no doubt, what inspires you will inspire me too!

Can't wait to see what you guys have in store for us this year xxx

Jill Sprott

I'd love to read more about (1) the inspiration behind the papers and products, (2) the thought process behind the designer's layouts, and (3) where you all come up with the names for the lines. I'm so looking forward to another year of wonderful Sassafras products!


I'd love more posts about: a, f, d
Happy New Year!

Cheryl K.

A,E,C would be my picks! I love you guys and all the inspiration you give me! I just can't wait to see what you bring in 2010!!!


Hm..I'd say A - D - C! Love the inspiration I get from the projects you show and I'm just so into challenges *lol* They make my mojo flow! :)


Dang, tough choice - all of your suggestions are splendid and what I´d like to read about. Can´t it be a nice mix of everything? I have to say I´m personally curious about the "behind the scenes" stuff, what inspires you, what´s new at sassafras, what are you working on (peeks!). I also love inspiration from excellent scrapbookers wheter theyre on your team or just a sassafras-lover. Hm. Id love challenges. So. I guess my picks would be (when forced) b, a/c and d! :)

Yvonne Y

I would choose a, c and d! I enjoy the inspiration from lovers of Sassafras products from all over the world (mine was featured thrice!). I love challenges too...:)

Looking forward to new lines from Sassafras!

Ann Cicilie

First pick is definetely a: projects using sassafras products (never seem to get enough of them), second one has to be e: what is inspiring sassafras today? (always fascintating to read about, and gives one some other creative perspectives), and my third pick is d: challenge (after total lack of creativeness for over a half year, challenges is now one of the thing that inspires me most to scrap again).

Have a nice day :)


I love all of the suggestions but if I had to choose three, it would be the inspiration behind your products, the user highlights and projects using your products. But whatever you come up with is fine by me, your blog always inspires anyway!


these are my top picks: A - love, love, love this! D - challanges brings out my MR Mojo! E - how fascinating to see where YOU find your inspiration!

Designer spotlight is interesting as well!

Can't wait to see your new collections and what you have in store for 2010! I'm not missing out! :D


a,c, d

Happy new year!
I love to see them all, but if you want me to choose... I never leave a post like a, c and d unread. Thoose are my favorites cause they are such a huge source of inspiration.
Just keep up the good work. The sassafras blog is never boring :)


I'd say.. E, B and A~

although I love reading just about
anything because sassafras is one of
my all-time favourite products ^^

Mandy Ni B

ooohhh what a fun read...I my favs are
b)behind the scences...we all love a good nosey...very inspiring!

d) challenge...always enjoy a good kick start!

and f) spreading the love!!!

happy new year......{{{{hugs}}}} mandyxx


I love all of your suggestions and obviously you are already on the right track to keep me reading as I keep coming back! I really do like the idea of behind the scenes.

Heather C

I would definitely like sneak peeks into the inspiration and possibly new lines... (hint hint!). The projects are great, because it challenges me to think about the product differently than I do in my own head. And lastly... F. I love finding new places to shop, especially non-chain stores, boutiques, and from real craftspeople!!


My picks:
d. Challenges
a. Projects
e. Inspirations
Looking forward to a great year of this blog!


I love the A, B, C, D and E. I´m not that into the shops, maybe because I like to use all my money on scrapbooking stash?? :-)


Becky Williams

Wow, i think that they're all great ideas and I love that you're wanting to spice things up and keep it fresh here on the Sass blog. I can't wait to see what's coming. If I had to narrow it down, which I guess I do if I wanna win some free stuff, I would choose a, d and e. The other stuff is fabulous, too!

Tam Harris

Wow, this is cool asking us what we want to see and giving some really good ideas to choose from. I guess for me I would like to see heaps of
D- challenges (mojo boosters)
A- inspiration a plenty- you can never have too much and I love that the thought of having inspiration from all over the place covers lots of different styles

and........ because I am indecisive (an endearing quality I promise LOL!!!) a tie for my third choices

F- because it is innovative and gives us the chance to see things of interest recommended by like-minded people and who doesn't love word of mouth!!

B- because that is simply intriguing!!!

thanks for the chance to have a say and I look forward to seeing the blog evolve for 2010!!!!!

Yay for Sassafras!


I love all the suggestions. My top three - reader inspiration, classes/tutorials, contests, behind the scenes.

I also check the blog every morning so consistent posting is awesome - even if it is a quick reader submission. I know it is a lot of work, but I would offer to manage the posting if you are intertedted in help. :)

Sarah Andreotti

Only 3?! :) I'm going with a,d and f. Can't wait for the new releases and thanks so much for the chance to win them! :)


i love this blog and i'm so looking forward to reading it in 2010! i'd love to see more about A, B, and D :)


WOW! Looks like there will be so much fabulousness to look forward to this year. Can't wait!!


My picks:
d. Challenges
a. Projects
e. Inspirations

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