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15 January 2010



Ooh tough one. I think I'll go with the lowercase A. Such a cute little letter and can be done different ways!

Erin Morehouse

"W" is the cutest little worm ever!
I'm loving this line too- it's going to work beautifully with my other favorite line- Monstrosity!

Monica Blain

Well I guess "M" because that is my initial! LOL. Fun collection!


I like the worm "w". Super fun collection!

June Goh

Mine is J of course

Amy Oxford

My favorite letter is K! It's the first letter of all 3 of my children's names as well as the first letter of all my nieces and nephews names :)

Love the Apple Jack collection, it is just perfect in every way!


I really like the "F is for frog" sticker, but of course my favorite letter is going to be K for Kami :)


No doubt about this, I died and went to apple heaven with Jack, wowser.

rebecca keppel

I have a little Jack of my own :) So mine is "J." I am in LOVE with those banner and penant stickers and the whole collection :)

christy a

Oh I have two favorite letters - M and B for my sweetie pie girls! Thanks for the chance to win!!


E is my favorite letter


love this!! "m" and "k" are my fave letters.


so fun and festive! favorite letter? hmm...probably "J"


S is for Seal!! SO So Sweet!


I love what you did the the Q! So cute!

Andrea MacDonald

You guys rock! Your new lines are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S! Can I pick all of those letters? Okay then I'll go with L for my daughter Lola!

Angela H.

My favorite applejack letter must be the E -- how can you not love that elephant's trunk? So cute!

Kristyn G

love the little "L" lightning bolt!


K is my fave letter :)
i am LOVING this line of pp!!! its so neat!!! will be PERFECT to make things for my 2 preschool age kiddoes!!!!


Love this line. It's quite a circus. Really so great for childs-at-play-pages. My favorite letter is yhe M. The first letter of my sons name. Bye Irene

Cami Sanders

C is for cookie and chocolate making it my favorite letter!

Maryse Dubeau

I just love this new line too!!! And my favorite letter is C !!!


LOve W for the worm, DH and the WONDERFUL new collection@


J is not for Jack!!!!
J is for Joli!!!

Jen S

S for Sassafras and Star!! :)

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