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15 January 2010



I think that G on the guitar is pretty cool! What a fun, colorful line!


M is my fav'!!!

This collection is awesome!!!!

So cool!!!


This collection is so adorable Rebecca! I love what you guys are doing for CHA 2010! WTG Sassafras!! :)

Erika M

E is my favorite letter probably because my name begins with E and my daughter's name begins with E as well.

Dana Tatar

D is my favorite letter!

I give this collection an A+! Thanks so much for the chance to win!


I've never really thought about my favorite letter but I guess it would be K. It's the first letter of my first born's name and it's fun to make it fancy. :)
WAY cute collection, my favorite so far!!!


S is mine. the letter of Sass and my 2 year old twins Sassy (Sophia) and Sullivan!

Stine Maansen

V is for Vitus - who is my amazing son
He brigthens up my life every day :-)

Shari Thurman

I have 3 boys so my favorite is "T" for truck. Love the new collection.


I have more than one favorite. K, V and L because they are the first letters in my hubby, children (both Vs) and my names.

Monica Brady

F is my favourite, F is for Frog....and Fabulous! Love, love, love this fun line!!


Love this and my favorite letters are A and E for my little girls.


What a FUN collection, love it!! A is my favorite. (K is also special to me)


I think S, J, R and E are my favorites and I want to give a little love to those little used letters X and Z. Another winning collection!


I love Z. It is a rarely used letter...and usually one of the prettiest on letter sets. Your Zipper is fun! We call our daughter Izzy so I get to use lots of them!!!!


I have to vote M!
LOVE this collection also!! Can't wait to get my hands on some!

Nancy Comelab

Another "M", because it is the name of my aMazing husband. :)

This is it... you have now officially converted me from digital scrapper to paper scrapper. Fabulous!

Thank you for another great opportunity!

Jennifer Brannies

I've already won so I just want to say this is my FAVORITE of ALL the CHA sneeks. Love it!!! This is going to be fabulous for layouts of my son at preschool!


I think this one is my Fav!, even if clowns are scary!

Amy Young

Oooooh how cute is this!?! That jumping frog just makes me smile!

My favorite letter is A... just because my name starts with it. :)

Regan Tomlin

My favorite is "S" because it is curvy at the top and bottom :)


I love "L" right now, because of the way my 2 year old tries to say it! It's just too funny... and there is no way to describe how he says it!

Sarah Packer

My fave letter has to be D for Daisy or maybe F for Finley! Love, love, love the gorgeous new collections, yummy x


I really like the little "w" for worm!! Too cute!! Love the whole collection!!

(Only wish G was for giraffes as they are my favorite animal lol ;)

Liz Chidester

I guess my favorite is L for Liz. Pretty original, hugh?

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