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23 October 2009


Megan A

love the kit! my favorite tradition is carving the pumpkin!


Yay for fall. These layouts are soooo inspiring! It's been a really challenging year for me, which means new traditions are being formed as I move along. This year I celebrated with different friends, attending Six Flags Halloween festivities and going to a real life Hay Maze off the coast. Spending time with great people walking through a people sized labrynth or walking through an amuzement park with one of your bff's has been a fabulous new tradition for me! I can't wait to scrap it all with the new sass line!!!


In my part of Iowa the H1N1 (swine flu) is super bad! So a friend and I came up with the idea to dress up like a pig and carry around a hot water bottle and have a big thermometer and other sickness things!!! We can be the swine flu!!!! LOL!!!!

Yvonne Y

I love the cooling of the weather...and start looking forward to Christmas!


we go to the pumpkin patch every year to get the boys' pics taken. we try to go in the beginning of oct when there are less crowds.


My favorite fall tradition of sorts is going for a drive to see all the changing leaves. All of the colors are just so beautiful!!
- April


Is this a trick that will turn into treat??? guess we will have to wait and see.....
Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnn:)


wow..... it's the almond cake time for us... long walk in the park too.... we love fall (even if this year it's too hot)


I love to spend Sunday afternoons doing (and eating)roast chestnuts on a bonfire in my parents' garden, in company with relatives and friends (young and old all together!).


Homemade Halloween costumes are the best. My mom always had us dressed in the most awesome costumes, and she did the best make-up on us. We even had "real" whiskers glued on our faces when one of us was a bunny or cat.

Samantha Taylor

My favorite fall tradition is dressing my little monsters up and taking their pictures in front of a pile of pumpkins! Then, of course, I scrap said photos, smiling the whole time.

Alena H

I just love making our house cozy with fall decorations and candles! Love those pages!


My favorite fall things is walking through the woods with my little boy and together we are picking al kinds of fall stuff that has fallen from the trees. So much fun to see him find these little treasures.Bye Irene


My favorite fall tradition is decorating the house for fall; it's fun to change up the decorations!


My favorite Fall tradition is walking through the crisp leaves and returning home for hot spiced cider.... Loveit!!!!!

Paula G

We go to the fall festival at school, it's always a good time!

Ellie Smeli

Most nights in the fall we drink a yummy mug of hot cocoa before bed. It's a tradition that carries into the winter. On weekends, we "spike" the hot cocoa with Baileys or Kahlua.


hot apple cider and corn mazes!!


i love Halloween!

My favorite costume are the abstract ones... I have been mother earth, the ocean. Although a couple of years ago I pulled my wedding dress on, made a mask from white feathers and went as a swam. (My Husband of course was forced to be a Raven- in his handsome black suit.)


My son always creates his own costume and it's usually after a story book character. He's been a knight in shining armor, a man in a hot air balloon, and an astronaut. These costumes usually involve trips to the hardware store for gadgets lots of bubble wrap & spray paint, and great memories.


LOVE these layouts!!!! hope all of you have a great halloween!


Lorna Wright

As orange is my favorite colour, this is my favourite season.
Plus Halloween...this year party had pin pants on Frankstein (instead tail on donkey)amongst other fun games.

Elizabeth Williams

I cannot believe I didn't comment on this. So if this is a duplicate please chalk it up to a senior moment. I love the fall-it starts to cool off here in swampy south Georgia and Halloween is on the way. We love sharing the season with residents of nursing homes here and decorating big time. But we do cute not scary and I love seeing the giggles on all our cute little trick or treaters.

rachael wood

i just have to say that i have monstrosity and I love it. After HCA, I wasn't loving it. But I wasnted those plush. And now that I have it in my hot little hands, i can't imagine a world without those little guys!


Before I retired I worked in a Children's Hospital and I loved dressing up and participating in the Halloween party for the kids who could not go trick or treating.

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