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23 October 2009


Melissa McClary

Last year I dressed up as a big bright pink flamingo complete with feathery wings & YES I wore my costume to work.

Kim M

Every year, we take fall pics of the girls in the spot same by the same trees in the yard, it is fun to see how much they change from year to year. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

Diana Fisher

What a great looking kit! Every fall, Aunt Joyce has the kiddos over to pick the pumpkins she grows in her backyard. We have chicken stew, biscuits, cider and donuts. It's a great fall afternoon we look forward to each year!

Christy a

I love taking my girls to the pumpkin patch each year. Also my entire family always gets together one last time at the lake with a big bonfire, a cold last boat ride, etc. It is a blast! Thanks for the chance to win!

Kelley Eubanks

I saw on TV today (I think the Ellen show)a little boy dressed up as balloon boy! He had a flying saucer thingy on his head... looked just like the real thing... hilarious!!

Andrea MacDonald

That kit looks amazing!!!
We are starting a new fall tradition by going to the local pumpkin patch to let the kids pick out their own pumpkins which we will carve later in the week.
I love the fall.

Tina Mayo

decorating for Halloween and fall, love it...and fall dinners like beef stew, chili, and seems like their is alot of online crops so making paper crafting projects for fall ...yeaah yeah


Wow! What a great kit!

Caramel Apples.

You said to say something fall festival-y so that's what jumped to mind! I do so love caramel apples! They make me happy. Almost as happy as Sassafrass!


We went to the pumpkin patch for the second year. Love it there! We'll have to make it a yearly tradition. All those beautiful oranges against the green leaves and blue skies are just too beautiful to miss.

Debbie O'Neal

Kettlekorn ! Can't get much more fall festively than that!!! I stop at as many fun festivals and bizarres at schools and churches in the fall as I can. Always searching for that wonderful sweet and salty fresh kettlekorn treat :) Hmmmmmm...I want some now! Would love to scrap a project about fall with the wonderful kit you are offering !!!

Savannah O'Gwynn

MMMM---caramel apples! Or pumpkin pie....love both of those- and they remind me of FALL! I live in Florida--so everything is a bit different for Fall and Winter. But those two items...they MAKE it FALL here!

Thanks for the giveaway:)


my faave fall tradition is definitely the pumpkin patch trips! i love spending time with the fam at the pump patch! its so much fun (as long as it isnt to HOT here in so cal!!! LOL!!!)
that kit is gorgeous!!!! thanks for the chance to win!! :)

Melanie C

Fall: Pumpkin (Patches, Carving, Pies, Bread)

Fantastic kit!

Jenny Alfonso

What a great kit! One of my most favorite things about fall is eating pumpkin pie!

Mitzie Soltero

How cute! I loved my costume last year. I went as a pinata. I covered a white dress with crepe paper, and took the "head part" of a donkey pinata and made a hat. I also put candy in my pockets and gave it out. =) Happy FALL everyone!

Amber Zimmerman

My fave fall tradition is having a bonfire and going on a hayride! I love the bonfire smell and the ambiance of sitting around it drinking warm drinks and talking with friends. =)


Pumpkin patch for sure! :D


Love the kit and the layout are fantastic! When our daughter was four, she dressed up as a witches hat. I used poster board to create the cone shape and cut out the brim. My husband helped me put it all together. It really was cute - just a big witches hat walking down the street. Of course we were right by her side to keep her safe and from falling down. I really enjoyed the years of creating costumes for our children, but not the late night finishing them up before Halloween.


We always go to the pumpkin patch, but the last few years, the kids have loved looking for nice, whole acorns to add to the decorations. The best place to find them is when we visit Great Grandpa at the Veterans Center. We always have pockets full to show Grandpa!


I love Label Tulip. Their kits are always amazing! In Italy at the beginnig of the fall e prepare tomato sauce and other things for the winter. I made some this year with my husband's granny.


What a fantastic ideas, those kits are awesome!! thanks for sharing us! and my favorite fall tradition is when we begin to change the decoration of the house, blankets, cups of hot tea, the light changes everything around us, is one of my favorite times in the year!! =)


Love the all the projects! I love Fall/Autumn, this weekend the clocks go back by an hour. I love the darker evenings, drinking hot chocolate snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa!


Pumpkin pie is my favorite fall tradition/recipe. Maybe not very unique, but still good!


Beautiful pages! This isn't a tradition, but I like all the leaves changing colors, though I don't get to see it as much where I live now.


trick or treat boooohooo this is me leaving a message behind..
i just love everything made here is so bootiful i am so in the autumn season the best part of the year for me..love changing the colors of nature and beautiful red skylines..and oooh my favorite part halloween ...to bad i liven in holland ..but i decorate my house with booohooo monsters of sassafras love it...

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