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22 October 2009


Deborah Marasa

awwww, those layouts are sweet!!
Sweet Marmalade has been brightening my day

Laura Stewart

definitely these bright pages ! cute

Diana Fisher

Great layouts today! (I see some friends here!! Yeah LG!)

Tina Mayo

my smiling baby girl

Erin Morehouse

These are gorgeous! And there's a new one on Noemi's blog today!!

She's doing magic with Sassafras!!


Rebecca G.

Oh my goodness! That last layout SO reminds me of when my oldest son was little like that! He's now 18! YIKES! Super cute. Thanks for sharing!!

Stacey Hansen

Those are wonderful layouts. So bright and cheery. What is brightening my day is my mom just came to visit for a week. What is better than that?


Love the layouts! I have been in so much need of a shot of summer! Popcicles brighten my day.

LG Belarmino

Seeing my layout here definitely is a great way to brighten my Friday!

Thanks a lot!

Misty Willis

It is STORMING here...My 4 year old be-bopping around the house singing nursery rhymes is definitely brightening my day!
Beautiful layouts!!!

Anthea Peterson

lovely, just lovely!!

I just updated my blog and have a sassa layout on there http://our-life-story.blogspot.com/2009/10/sharing.html

Living in ustralia where we are about to come into Summer just seeing the sun brightens my day =)

christy arthur

starbucks on a rainy day brightens my day! Love the layouts!!


what fun bright layouts! Just the eye candy I need to get me out of the rainy fall dolldrums!


What's brightening my day? The kids and me made TRIFLE for pudding tonight! Yay :D Mess everywhere - why didn't I think a toddler and custard would equal utter chaos?


Being friday is enough to make the sun shine here ♥

But seeing one of my pages here is even better. Thank you :)

Lisa Day

Love those layouts!!
Here are some that I've created recently.




even though it is rainy and grey outside... i am pretty bright because it is friday and my hubs just came home early from work ;)


Luv the LOs and adoooooooooore the papers ;D


Love the layouts. My dd's excitment about pumpkins, trick-or-treating, and all things Halloween/fall is making my whole week. Even the colors of the trees are making us giddy. :)

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