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17 August 2009



I sent an email a few days ago (Friday) to get a paypal order and I never got one. Am I out of luck now? Thanks!


Can't wait to get my email and see the pic!

Tiffany Rochelle

I just got my confirmation email. When I asked when they were shipping I got a reply of Thursday or Friday.

jamie tenney

I was wondering if you are going to do another Warehouse sale? I want to come back and get some more cute stuff. I was so fun.


I got an e-mail, but no paypal invoice...


I haven't had an email confirmation yet - should I be worried? I applied within an hour or so of the post going online.

Laura Gonzalez

I got an email yesterday that simply said "thanks"...no invoice or total...will that come later?


No email here either, and I called the first day these were up.

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

Are you still planning on posting a photo? I would love to see one!!

Tiffany Rochelle

I'm still patiently waiting for a photo! Come on already!


I got my box, and it was awesome!! Thank you so much! If you have'nt ordered one, jump on this!!


I have not got my box yet!


I just got my box C today...soooo happy!
I love all the stuffs there!!!
Sassafras rocks!

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