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20 July 2009


Sara from La Mirada

Best advice I ever received was to not worry about finances when planning a family. We have three children so far...who knows how many more?

Tiffany Moyer

Love the kit and the inspirational layouts! Thanks for giving us a chance to win this yumminess!!!!


Very cool, love all the sneaks. I sure hope I can find Sassafras at the CKC in Valley Forge this year. I'll be looking.


Gosh the kit is really yummy! Thanks for the giveaway!


wow, that kit is awesome! best advice I ever received is to not worry about the little things. Of course I still do, but I keep trying not to, because really it isnt important


I would love to win a Kenner Road Kit! They look so great!

Dana F.

My best advice... for the moment I'd say: Your never to old to enter university! Great layouts - I would love to win this yummy kit!!


The best advice I have received is to not worry about what "might" happen and give all my worries to GOD. My youngest just turned 18 and it is hard not to worry.
I would love to win this kit!

Kim M

What a fab kit!

Lydia Jackson

Wow I love the super kitchy vintage feel of her kit, thanks for sharing I am off to check out thier website, I would love to win this one though! :)


I love Kenner road kits:) So colorful!!!


The kit is yummy! Thanks for the chance to win.

Follow your heart - I've read this the first time in an ad. I've learned that when I finally 'followed' what my heart desires, I found happiness and contentment. I will certainly pass this advice to my daughter.

Rachel M

I'd love to win this kit, it's gorgeous. The best advice i've ever received is, Don't eat yellow snow! :)


Ooo, the kit is to die for!!! Yummo. My fave piece of advice??? My DH always says "better to be looking at it than looking for it!" usually in response to shall I put on more potatoe, but also applies to jumpers, spare batteries, extra food, nappies, etc etc etc...

Monique L.

Wow what a lovely kit! Sure would like to win that!! The best advice I ever got, I got this morning from a bloggy friend: don't worry about cleaning the house but enjoy your life while you can, NOW!

Stormy E

i love kenner road kits and this one is no exception! thanks for the chance to win!



Melissa A

The best advice I've ever received has become my personal mantra- live with no regret. Not always easy to do, but it keeps things in perspective.


this is an awesome kit...Best advice I ever got was " Live your life and dance like no one is watching!"

Amy Coose

Love, LOVE this kit! I'd love to win it, so please pick me! Best advice I ever got is don't sweat the small stuff!


I love KR kits! :) The best advice I've ever heard is "Don't worry, be happy. You only live your life once!". How true is that!

Michelle (from KY)

What a great kit! The best advice I have heard...many times...is not to worry about what others think about you. Be yourself and you will waste alot less energy. A HARD lesson, but I will try!


The best advice I've ever received was before our wedding from the guy who fitted my husband for his tux. He told us we'd be a lot happier if at the beginning of our marriage we didn't expect to immediately have everything our parents have after years and years of marriage.

Kristyn G

best advice... "put your big girl panties on and deal with it"! You have no right to complain about a situation if you refuse to do everything within your power to change it!

Great giveaway!!


wow... lovin' all the inspirations! uhmmm for my best advice... don't look back, just keep walking...

ps. love the giveaway and reading everyone's advice :)

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