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11 May 2009



I am going to school to be an elementary school teacher - so I am learning how to be the best teacher possible!


I'm trying to learn how to take better photos. I keep reading the manual, and think they are getting better :

Diane B.

i am actually a home/hospital teacher for the local school district. i learn everyday from my students and their ability to overcome their own personal obstacles with smiles on their faces, a constant bright outlook on life and their willingness to learn despite it all. now that's something you can't learn in a textbook. ;)

jeanie nieva

trying to learn to sew...:)

gian de la rama

i am learning the ropes of our business. :)


I am trying to learn to make cards and sew.


trying to learn how to become a better photographer.

Amy Coose

I am working on my photography skills. If only I had a million dollars and all the time in the world. LOL


Im trying to learn how to become a better photographer!!!

Jessica Fincham

I'm learning business - I'm doing a BA HONS in Business studies but I'll be finished on wednesday!! YAY!! more time for scrapbooking :) I'm also trying to brush up on my knitting skills!


I am constantly trying to learn how to balance life and how to fit it all in. A never ending battle. :0)


I am trying to learn photoshop CS2.. with three kids, it's kind of hard to 'learn' anything new!! LOL!

Heidi Myers

I am trying to teach myself to use Photoshop for more than just lightening up and cropping my pictures.

Love those layouts! Cute kit. I'm going to check them out!


I am trying to learn to sew, but it's not going all that well! LOL! I need to sit down with my husband because he's really good at it!

Mabel M

I'm trying to learn something new every day since I remember... now the scrapbooking is in my mind, love everything about it! =)

Brittney Aldous

Regarding studying, I'm actually graduating university in June, so that's exciting! Regarding learning (and scrapbooking), I want to learn how to use Copic markers like they're supposed to be used =)

Aphra Bolyer

Awesome kit! I just got a new Blackberry, and I'm trying to learn how to use it....specifically to use the email feature. Ahhhh...technology...love it...hate it!


I am trying to learn SO MANY things...take better photos, crochet and I just entered the blogging worl--Yikes! Would love to learn how to add a SL blinkie on my blog ;)


I am wanting to up my sewing skills. My mom has been making adorable bags and purses lately and I am wanting to learn how to do that.

Cindi T

I am working on getting certified.

Susan Jenkins

I'm learning how to paint a room. Amazingly I have never painted before and it is long over due!


didn't knwo this kit club: gonna check their site now :) and these layouts are just perfect!!

Now I'm trying to learn italian :)

Stormy E

What a fabulous kit! I am trying to learn to juggle everything in my life better! We've been super busy lately and I need to learn to handle everything better, and be more organized!


I love the kit! There's so much to learn... better English, self discipline, scrapbooking techniques, my twin baby daughters, phptography etc. If I only had time for it all :D

Megan Anderson

That kit is super awesome! Right now, I'm trying to learn how to get a novel published. It's complicated, but I just keep telling myself that I can do it!

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