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26 March 2009


Tina Mayo

I love these little guys--are they not the cutest things you've ever seen?


Oh Yes !
I love these "Badcat" !


oooh yeah love that polymer doll awesome this is what i did with the new paperline ;;;http://mexx-flowersfreestylescissorsmexx.blogspot.com/

Mabel M

How cute is that!!! the badcat is adorableeeee!!! thanks for sharing! =)


Ohhh those polymer figures are soo cute and the sassafras papers are perfect to show them off. Can you share the link where you found those figures? I'm loving her animals!


oh oh :) Thank you very much! I'm proud to be here!thanks lilibee for telling me!
I love your papers!!

Michele, you can find me here:


Adorable!!! I love those little 'pals'!


I would like the link too- that Bad cat just needs to be smooched!

Stephanie Hart

Wow! I couldn't believe it when I opened this posting! I'm just thrilled that you liked the recipe box! Thanks so much :)

Your beautiful papers are what inspired me to begin making my mushroom buttons!



oooh! How cute are these little animals "in the land of Sassafras"?! I love your patterned paper... it's fantastic!

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