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09 March 2009



hehe, I love that video!

I haven't used any trims yet, but they are on my Michale's Sassafras paper pack and I am DYING to try them out SOON


Oh, my cuteness!!! I do love the 'extras' that you include with your fabulous papers!!! These pages are amazing!

Claire Williams

One of the many reasons I love Sassafras so much! I really enjoy using them, and excitingly, Sassafras has just reached the UK so I can start playing with the new trims!


OMGosh... the trim edges are so freaking fabulous! After I touch every square inch of my paper, being careful NOT to drool on it, I trim it off. Yes, I know it seems like a bad thing to do but they wouldn't fit in my paper bin without getting destroyed. AND you wouldn't want that happening would you? I think it is super fabulous to include this extra embellishment. I mean seriously... I say this to my hubby every time I come home with some Sass. He is like suuuuure. He just doesn't get it.


OK sorry I wanted to link you my post with my trim use...


Thanks for looking!

Debbie O'Neal

You brought a smile to my face when you reminded me of the "bigger, cuter bottoms" campaign. We all laughed so loud at your booth with the girls shouting out...come see our bigger, cuter, bottoms. Needless to say it was an attention getter. LOL

I loved Sassafras before then and love it even more because of that little extra "gift" we get every time we buy a piece of sass paper. I am working a few projects right now with our new Hog Heaven paper pack and will post pics on my blog.


They're the first thing I reach for too. Haven't got any of the new papers yet but those new edges look like a must have!


Love the trims too. You can use them as borders, or cut them up and frame the photos, use them like robbons or laces...there are so many ways to use them.

Melanie Blackburn

That Moto Moto clip is the best! LOL!!!

The trims are one of my fave things by Sass, you took already fabulous pp and made it even better. I have a pile of trims on my desk and I always reach for them. :)


I definitely love the Sass trims. They always have a way of finding a way on my pages. It's just like icing on top of the cake with these trims!! :)


now that i have mary poppin's in my head... ;) i do love the trim and no one else's products compare with your big bottoms! i didn't realize you sold extras! duh

Paula Clare

The scalloped edges of the sassafras papers are the things that drew me into the line in the first place...I tend toward "collage" layouts and hate the straight lines and hard edges of papers. I am always ripping, tearing, cutting, distressing or doing SOMETHING to make the edges a bit more appealing. Sassafras trims have done it for me...it is not unusual for me to use 8 or ten trims on one layout! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE


LOVE your big bottoms!! :) I adore the paper trims! I can't wait to get my hands on some of the new goodies!! The layouts are just gorgeous!! Those Vintage Yummy trims are...well...yummy!! Love those!! Love it all!! :)

Stéphanie Pouliot

I Love the Sass trims! They are the perfect "free" adition to any projet or layout! Thanks for making the use the paper edge so cute!


I have collected every single piece of paper from every single collection since the Sass trims were first introduced! The trims are not only super adorable, they're a really ingenious way to encourage us to use every single bit of the paper. Love the thought that there's no wastage!

Eveline van Heijst

I like the trims a lot. I haven´t made a LO with the Sassafras Lass papers yet but I have made cards and I used the trims on them.


I love the trims. I just haven't figured out how to utilize them on my pages yet. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Those pages are GORGEOUS!

Monica Brady

I love the trims to bits! They are perfect for finishing a project and come in so handy for OTPs and cards!

Beth Perry

What fabulous big bottoms you have! haha
Love all the beautiful work and I love your papers! ;P

Dalovely Damanda

I just ordered ALL of the new lines! Can't wait to play with your big bottoms! They will fit in well with mine! HA. LOVE LOVE LOVE Sassafras! I swiped your porcupine blinkie and put it on my blog as soon as I saw it here! Spreading the good word about Sass! Trying to convert all! :)


i very much like the moto moto reference! (what a great movie!) and i very much like all the trims sassafrass gives us...the grateful public... i remember talking to my mom about the trims and how ingenious they are. simply wonderful! i love sassafrass!!! :D


well i didnt know they were "extras" either. I thought it was part of the paper...hee hee

Christina Klauer

love love love, that's all there is too it!! Sassafrass Rocks!!


I added the Moto Moto video to my blog. It's too funny:)

I LOVE the Sassafras trims. Also one of my biggest reasons for buying these papers. I would LOVE to be able to buy packs of JUST trims. Kind of like the other companies who make "edges";) That would be SO awesome. I'd totally buy TONS:)

Amy Pruden

please, please, please make a pack of just edges for each of the collections. I would buy them like mad. I love the paper but I love the edges even more and I need more edges than I do paper! I find myself hanging on and hoarding the old collections more for the edges tan anything else. I once bought a sheet of pink paper (yuck, I have a boy) just for the cute edge!

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