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12 March 2009


Beth Perry

Now THAT is inspiring!!! Yow! I love it! Go Tim!!!!

Monica Brady

OMG, That is one wild ride!!
Take it all over the edge, I say, LOL!

Melanie Blackburn

That's quiet the extreme sport!!!

Wonderful lo, love the trims on it!


I have to admit; I am a total "trim addict". :0)

I would say I am between "a bit timid" and "edgy". No where near as edgy as Tim. WOW! What an awesome experience!

Brenda B

Love the bright colors, trims, and those awesome flowers!

Kimberly Garofolo Neddo

WOW Tim...that is so AWESOME!!! I've always wanted to do this...Becks...why aren't you doing this? ;) *muah*

Canvas Prints

Those are really nice! The trims actually personalize and make each project unique! Great job!


WOW! Just look at the He Man go! My guys are sooo envious!

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