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19 March 2009


Tina Mayo

I use stickers all the time especially for letters, its quick and easy--and there is so many cute different kinds,and if you want an extra pop off the page you can always use talc powder on the back after you apply your pop dots to make them pop!!!


One word:

Stephanie Howell

um, could that possibly BE more colorful or happy?

Melanie Blackburn

Wow! Pure eye candy! I love using stickers on my los, often I will use pop dots to add dimension to my lo.

Debbie O'Neal

Too dang cute for words !

I love adding stickles to my stickers to make them even more special OR stamping over alpha stickers to enhance their appearance!


OMG. That is the craziest, cutest thing evah! I use stickers a lot, there are some seriously fun ones available. Of course I use lots and lots of alphabet stickers, and I like the little character-themed ones. Unfortunately my five year old steals most of my stickers before I ever get to use them. :(


J'adore le travail de Leila !
Toujours plein de surprises et de d├ętails qui sont sa marque de fabrique !

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