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02 March 2009



Your gorgeous papers are putting a BIG spring in my step....
I cant wait to get my hands on them.

Great layout Jen... love it,

And those paper whimsies are sooo totally cute!


love the paper whimsies. cant wait for my LSS to get them in! that will definately chase the dreary weather away.

my step is still spring less, but my glittering hand is thinking summer thanks to some fabulous beach photos and a mini album project i'm working on!

Erika M

Beautiful layout! All the new scrapbook goodies are definitely putting a spring in my step as well as all the flowers that are blooming!


super cute layout!! I think the fact that its actually sunny has made a huge difference however as i is, we are sitting at a balmy minus 17celcius..brrrrrr

Mabel M

The Sassafras colours put the SPRING in my step!! =) thanks for sharing us those amazing pages!

jennifer law

i love all the new papers and the layouts are soo cute.


Ooooowwww. so cute!!! Flowers are so inspiring!!!


Getting to my scrapbook store BEFORE all the wonderful Sassafras had sold out! I got everything I wanted, well, almost, the chipboard stuff wasn't there.


New products are making me springy... And getting new photos developed.

And the best thing is seeing all the lovelies you have to show us!

Melanie Blackburn

Gorgeous lo! It sure does put some sunshine in my day because right now it is still pretty cold here in Ottawa. There is no sign of Spring just yet, I think we have a good month to wait. Tonight it's suppose to -10F. I can't wait for Spring!


wow! super cute layout!!! I love such a lil rockstar.

my step is... i see the colors of nature view become bright that glass,leaf,flower bud and sky in fresh clear air. i can't wait spring!

amy a.

Oh I love the paper whimsies!! Can't wait to get some. I NEED them. And I do love the name too - something about the word "whimsy" makes me smile!! I don't care if there is still snow on the ground here - I have SPRING FEVER!!


Beautiful LO!

Looking forward to some more inspro :)

I've got some of the new Paper Whimsies cards for one of my upcoming kits (going to be fabric journals) and I can't wait to play with them!




Love this!

Tina Mayo

Cute Stuff!!!!I did my spring cleaning today...and my feet are killing me, I didn't stop for like 12 hours..but it is done...de cluttered and all.


Knowing that that this Friday night once the kids have gone to sleep I have a cold bottle of white wine and a free evening dedicated to scrapping ahead!


Super cute layout ! I love all the new papers and Flowers...WOW !!!
J'adore ;-)

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