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16 February 2009


Beth Perry

Very, very beautiful layouts and one killer shadow box!

Heidi Mansion

I adore the shadowbox. How cute is that?!! I too got to play this weekend and created this canvas with the Fawned of You, Too and Woodland Whimsey papers this weekend. I love these collections. You can see the art canvas I did here www.nsslnuttyscrapper.blogspot.com


So sweet of you to post the shadowbox, thank you! And you are welcome to crash our picnic anytime! :)
The layouts are so sweet and playful!


All the projects are gorgeous. The shadow box is a brilliant idea.


WoW! Wow! Wow....i just love all of it. The shadow box idea is just brilliant, what lovely work.

Also can i ask a question? I love Sassafras and would love to add some of the blinkies to my blog....is there a place i can find a code to put them on my blog.

Account Deleted

I love every single new layouts posted recently, the new products just look amazing! can't wait to get my hands on those! :D


WOW! That shadow box is amazing!


Marion not sure if this what you are looking for. But here is the source code.


You are so right! This is cooler than cool, and I do just want to JUMP right in there! :)


Wow !
I love the shadowbox !!! Good idea and lovely work :-)

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