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20 February 2009


lizzie - texas city, tx

oh i always have the lil hog heaven blinkie up on my blog lol he's sooooo cute!!!!


Super cute blinkies! I've added one to my blog :)


Oh fun! Thanks for the blinkie, I added it to my blog :)

Lea Lawson

I added that cute bunny one to my blog! Love it!


Amanda D

I have one on my blog too!! These are so cute!!

Lori Laing

Thanks for the blinkie! Gotta love a running hippo!

Melissa Ferguson

I really DO love Sassafras. I've added a bunny on my sidebar of my blog!


OMg I totally added the bunny..loooooove it!!!


I do love Sassafras. I added the cute bunny blinkie to my blog :)

Melanie Blackburn

I've been meaning to do this for the longest time!!! You have a wonderful selection of blinkies, I just added the bunny blinky to my blog.

Amy Coose

I added the hedgehog...he's the cutest!

Jiggy Jen

Ohhh This is fun!!! I added the cute bunny!


These blinkies are too cute! I've just added one to my blog!!

rebecca k

Always loved that little hedgehog :) had to add him to my blog--thanks!



Yep, all done, love them all (blinkies and products!).

mandee mattioli

i have had the bunny for a while, but honestly, i could never make her blink! ahhh. i am not so computer savy... but i love saasafrass!


I got mine up, so glad you made one with the hippo!! :D

Megan A

I have one on my blog.


it is just perfect for me since I have been calling my LSS incessantly asking if the new Sass Lass stuff is in yet. Now they are just taunting me since they have it but it isnt priced yet - grrr.


Those blinkies are seriously cute....ADORE the bunny!

Jeanie Nieva

this is my blog..

love the blinkies! here is my blo http://jeaniebnieva.blogspot.com


I added the hippo to my blog! I hope I did it right! Check my blog to see if I did it right! :)

Mandy Ford

I absolutely love your products...I've had one of your blinkies on my blog for a few months now :)

Paula Clare

I love sassafras...one of the few paper product lines very conducive to altered art and "out-of-the-box" scrapping!

I've had your sweet little hedgehog on my blog since you first posted it!



I added the bunny as well! Very cute! Love to share the sassfras joy!


A few of our members have jumped in with Sassafras Lass Blinkies... they make our forum look great! There is probably too many for every one of them to leave a comment here, so I thought I would leave a collective one for them all. I am POSITIVE if they won anything you would hear them squealing with delight all the way from Australia!


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