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24 February 2009



I don't live near a Michael's, but I went to one last week when visiting my mother in law, and was SUPER excited when I saw the Hog Heaven Paper Pack! I didn't know it was limited time, or I would have purchased Whale of a Tale too. Hopefully it will still be there on my next trip.


I may have to bundle the kids up after dinner and make a run there tonight because I am SO SUPER EXCITED!! Or make a run once they are nightie night...and then stay up all night being SO SUPER EXCITED!! WEE HOO!


sweet!! I was just at my M's and they were resetting the sb department, so I feel another trip coming on :) YAY !!!

amy a.

REALLY!! AND Michaels has a coupon this week too - Happy Dance!! May be taking a drive tomorrow!! Thanks for the tip!

katrina h

i love those layouts!

Stacey Hansen

How super exciting! I will have to stop on in to pick some up.

Tina Mayo

very cool, will have to get it...thanks for the heads up!!

Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

I almost had a heart attack when I saw these in Michael's! I didn't have a coupon with me, so I'm going back TODAY!! Totally exciting to see something this cool at Michael's!!


I think Michaels is on my to do list today :lol:


be still my beating heart! hog heaven is one of my favorite lines *evah.*

i would love to see a life at the pole collection come christmastime... *hint hint*

Amy Cluck

Oh - I got one of these! Super-cute paper! I'll have to come up with something to make...


I heard about this...now I REALLLLLLY have to get to Michael's!


Just picked up both of these adorable pads at Michael's the other day. Hopefully you will do these with more of your lines!


I just got mine at Michael's for 1 penny!!! I think they have a problem with their clearance items sometimes because this is the third item I've picked up for one cent there! It was marked $14.99 as regular price and as the clearance price so I went to price check it and it was a penny!! So excited!!

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