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19 January 2009


Katie Piotrowski

Wow, it looks great! I'm surprised but can't wait to see more! Thanks for the peek! Katie

Jonathan Denton

Wow you guys..you weren't kidden'. This stuff is fabulous! Just blows my mind away looking at this beautiful collection..it's eclectic, playful, and ever-so-witty. I'm really looken' forward to creating with this new collection. Amazing..really. -Christine M.


I love it!!! :)


ohhhhh, I love it... and WANT it!!!!


awesome ~ ♥love♥ it!!

Kristin Faust

Thanks for the peak, this is a fun line with lots of details.
BTW you are planning on releasing more of those stiched buttons right?
I just used some on my last LO and I really don't know that I could live without them.
Just checkin'


Just gorgeous! I love it all!

Kimberly Garofolo

Tim and Becks...YOU GUYS are my Design Artist HERO's!!!!!!! Lahooooooove it alllllllll! :)))) xxoo
Love you...miss you,


it's all so beautiful! can't wait to get my greedy little hands on it all!

Christi Wright

I love this line lots of girly things! Very vintage! Gorgeous!


This is my favorite of all of them. I love it!


Do you have any idea how long I have been waiting for paper with scotties on it that wasn't cheesy or icky??? You have made my day! I have two scotties and this is PERFECT!

Carol S-U

SIGH!! I'm going to need more storage space after this hits the stores!


Oh my god can you say I need ALL of it!!


Absolutely adorable!! :)
I have to admit that I'm normally not much on vintage scrapbook stuffs :) but I love this line!
Sassafras=love :)

Emily Barklage

Vintage yummy is right!


This nex collection is so beautiful !!! I want it !!! When can we buy it in France ?

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