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03 December 2008


lizzie - texas city, tx

oh wow... i love it!!!!


Thanks for such a lovely diarama. Just a note to say that the instructions for Step 3 should be "Insert part D into part B...." Cheers, Kim


too cute!!love it !!

Sabrina Ropp

i about flipped when i found this in my mag! too stinkin' cute! now i NEED the whole line!!!!


I am so excited about this!!! I have a few ideas already but I wanted to ask a quick question. Does it have the be made with just what is in the ad? or can we use like base cardstock or even patterned paper from the line itself? Just in case I don't get a response back before I start on this then I will make a few projects going both ways. Thanks for this adorable diorama!!!

Paula Clare

I emailed my first creation...this line is so cute...even the simplest ideas are adorable!

Thanks so much for the contest...and the whole line would just be...well, TOO too fabulous!


Just sat down with a cup of Joe and the new issue of Scrapbooks Etc. How cute is this line????? So cute I had to check the website here. Havent' bought any Christmas line for this year's photos. This is a must-have item.

jen t.

this is so cool!..i am working on it! jen t.


cool!!! Did one and left it on the office...goin to make more!!!


this is awesome!

Jessica Bree

I am already obsessed with this line and the ad is just that much cuter! Fun ad, and fun contest!


WOW !!!!!!!!!!!
And.... WOoooooooOoooooW !!!!!!!


my husband thinks i'm crazy but when i saw this new line, "i said this is a dream come true!" and then what do i see in my scrapbooks etc. magazine but a awesome add and cut out that says, a winter collection dream come true!!!! life is so full of simple pleasures!

please think about doing a life at the pole number 2 next christmas with an igloo, penguin and a sign that says the north pole, i would LOVE that so much!

i am going to laminate my diorama so it will last forever!

it would be so much fun if you would post photos of all the dioramas that everyone submits....and oh i didn't tell you that a narwhal is my all time favorite north pole animal so thanks for making my arctic dreams come true!!!! julie

Heather Landry

I'm all finished with my creation. The diorama was just screaming to be made into a 3-d Christmas card. =0) I posted it on my blog. Here's the link!


Now I have to find a STORE to buy the line! Holy cow is it cute!


Im done with my take. It was so much fun to make.



I made a mini album with the addictive papers of Life at the Pole, they are so cute, I couldn't stop using them, lol.


Frankie Martire

hmm what am I doing wrong? I cant get the link to download the pdf?


Great ideas, Ladies. What a cute line. Love it.

kits de somni


i'm so so exciting!!!!!!!!

attach to my website!


kits de somni


i'm so so exciting!!!!!!!!

attach to my website!


kits de somni


i'm so so exciting!!!!!!!!

attach to my website!


Frankie Martire

I love the ad, I chose to alter a frame with a photo of our new grandchild. Tinsley Lou was born Nov. 12th. She is 6 lbs now so nothing fits her lol. But the Santa Claus cape looks so cute I had to use it for the photo.
Sorry for the bad photo, I used my cell phone as I lent my digi cam to my dd and her dh to take photos of the baby.
you can click on the photo to view larger
thanks for looking


I love this diorama!!!
This is my work;
Thanks & Hugs

Mabel M

What a fun project, this is mine entry for this contest, thanks for the Sassafrass colors, they grow up our creativity =)


Happy Holidays to everyone!

Marlene F.

Here's my entry for the contest. I just love this new line and the diorama, absolutely adorable!!! Thanks so much :) Marlene

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