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24 November 2008



We hit Twilight first thing friday afternoon{{sigh}}. Even took a sick day from school to miss the screaming teens that were waiting in the LONG line as we left the theater. Early Thanksgiving dinner w/family on saturday, and a relaxing week ahead with the kiddos!

Thats one rockin' sassy lo you found!


hey! i can't believe i can still read french!!!! i was born about an hour away from paris, france and lived there for about 8 years then moved to the U.S. - i've been wanting to go back to visit to see how things have changed. i think it'd be fun. but for the weekend? hmmmm thanksgiving will be wednesday night for my side of the family and thurs night for my husband's side of the family. So we'll be in GA til thursday morning and then drive 2 hrs to SC and have thanksgiving with my in-laws. Friday - possibly shopping (it'll be my first time shopping on black friday!) i am not a big shopper, but my husband wants to go. sat/sun - relax and hopefully scrap some thanksgiving pictures! ^_^


Hey, most Belgians speak Dutch!! I live in the Dutch part, which is so much cooler than the French part! But hey, you already found Belgium, so I can't be mad!


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm so so so so honored!!!!!!!!!!!
what a big surprise opening sassafras blog today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaëlle de Larmor

yeah, Nessa rocks the Sassafras !!!



can't believe it !this is my belgian best friend Nessa's layout!!The greatest belgian scrapper ever!!


thank you lilibee and gaelle, my friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i haven't really bought into the twilight thing, but i'm sure someone will drag me to see it. i'm so not hip. haha.
i'm looking forward to thanksgiving a lot this year... new baby, newly married and hungry for some turkey! my husband is a chef and he is smoking our turkey this year at work... i'm drooling just thinking about it!
i work in retail, but i'm still on maternity leave... how great!


Waoohh... Oh I'm so happy for you... I hope that you will be able top find those papers in my shop in a couple of days....


Nessa!!!! Elle est ''hot'' cette page là! Je l'adore! Bien contente de voir une de tes pages par ici :)


Mimi xx


Bravo Nessa, vraiment une jolie page :D

Anika, most Belgians DONT speak dutch : 1/2 of Belgians speak Dutch :p. And french speakers are way cooler hi hi hi :p :p :p

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