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21 October 2008



these are all adorable!


I love your blog.
Thanks for all the fun layouts.
You guys rOcK.


These are too cute!
By the way, I created a Sassafras Flickr Group for all Sassafras lovers:


This is just TOO cool. Seeing my own LO posted here! Thanks ever so much!


where do we email our Sassafrass Lass layouts to ?

many thanks !


AWESOME work ladies/gents. I love to come here for inspiration!!

Lea Lawson

Wow!! How exciting to see some of my cards on the blog...very fun!

On that note...is there any way to take down the "Hoppy Spring" card down...as it has been requested for publication. I don't have your email address, or I would have just asked that way. Thanks so much for posting some of my creations though...I am thrilled and honored!


steph caskey devlin

Fantastic to see my daughter Madison posted on the Sassafras site. Thanks so much for considering my work. xo


Thanks for sharing my work on your blog!! I love Sassafras lass papers to bits!!!!! =)

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