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20 October 2008



I love Pure Energy by Information Society....

katrina h

Anything by Olivia Newton John. She was my favorite growing up.


My favorites were Michael Jackson and Olivia Newton John. My cousins and I would also make up choreagraphy and had little shows for our family. Ahh... those were the days.


tell me a story about Donnie Walberg he he he =) I was going to post these layouts tomorrow and you beat me to the punch so I am commenting to second their greatness =)


LOL... Not only did I love the Carpenters when I was young.... the first time I ever sang Karaoke, I sang "On Top of the World!"


Ria van Son

Ohh my love for music has always been there,I know that my granny was convinct that I would be a big Popstar (5 yrs at that time)when I was older:)we always sung when I slept at her place. Only she had music from Elvis and some Dutch singers/groups.
I think she would have loved it when I sung with music from bands as Kajagoogoo, depeche mood, the cure, Bow wow wow, Eurytmics and Bananarama but she left us long before that :(

Thanks for the memories :)

hugs Ria

Michelle Price

The first CD I bought with my own $ was Tony Braxton (1993). My parents had just purchased a new stereo and I loved laying in the basement and listening to my CD cranked up!

Jenny K.

Music is a tremendous part of my life. I started listening to music as a young child with my mom's collection of vinyl records. Kenny Rogers, Neil Diamond, Anne Murray, Barry Manilow, the Oakridge Boys...the list goes on. I now enjoy music from almost every genre and can't imagine life without music!

krista follett

i still love i wanna dance with somebody by whitney houston. i love celine dion-groan i know! the first c.d i ever bought was smashing pumpkins at costco-then the priceclub- and it wasn't even my taste! a boy i liked thought it was cool....i've changed my ways since...:)! but, i love music and i love to dance!


I can remember playing "The Bodyguard" soundtrack OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND...you get the picture!


The first music I can remember buying for myself was a Paul McCartney album that had that duet with Michael Jackson, before they had their falling out. It was an album and I was pretty young.


runaway... bon jovi
love love love hims! and it started my obsession with 80's hair metal! \m/etal!! hahahaa.
And now I love lots of music... but my favorite scrappin music has to be miss regina specktor... I just ooze creativity when she's playing!

Em from Aus

the first cd i ever owned (it was a present)was billy ray cyrus. hahahaha. but i was bought up on kenny rogers, bob seger, alot of country and rythem and blues. I love all kinds of music now, and my babies love music to.


Europe and A-ha started it for me. And then there was NKOTB... :)

rebecca k.

My Mom was very into music so I remember singing Eagles Lyin Eyes when I was only 4! When I started listening to albums myself I listened to Bill Joel, The Go Gos, MIchael Jackson and Madonna. Aaahh fun to remember hanging out in my room, or doing pretend karaoke with a friend at a sleep over!


WOW - my mom used to play Helen Reddy all the time! I am woman hear me roar!! :D :D


my sisters are a bit older than me so i use to listen to their music a lot, tears for fears, steve miller band, james taylor....

Jenn L

i would have to say that Shawn Cassidy is one of my fondest memories...from there i moved over to Madonna(1985) and then...classic ROCK! i am still and will always remain a Grateful Dead head!!

Jenn L

i would have to say that Shawn Cassidy is one of my fondest memories...from there i moved over to Madonna(1985) and then...classic ROCK! i am still and will always remain a Grateful Dead head!!

Anthea Peterson

East 17!

now I read that I think, 'what was I thinking??' LOL but yep I couldnt wait to get their CD and I loved em to bits, still have their cd about 15 years later......


John Denver...lol I still love his music and my 8 year old now loves him!


I admit to a love/obsession with new kids on the block!! But I guess mum and dad's music tastes really set the tone for what I listen to now - eric clapton, the beatles, the carpenters, ABBA all mixed with whatever tune the radio stations have decided needs lots of air play... kid rock's song at the moment has such a funky tone of summer to me!


hmm, my love of music started with Guns 'n Roses. don't laugh! its what my parents
always listened to, and i didn't mind. then
one Christmas, Mom bought me a Nirvana cd.
*sigh* i remember my cute little boom box
she bought for me to listen to the cds on.


Like you, I was first influenced by my parents! Buddy Holly, Lou Christie, Petula Clark, and Johnny Mathis were my parents' faves. Thanks to them, I love all types of music. My first two records (GASP!) were Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Michael Jackson's Thriller. My first CD was Guns n Roses - the one with November Rain. Now I only use my iPod. My favorite is Jason Mraz's I'm Yours right now.

Renee K

The outreach quartet started my love for music. Love the layouts you showcased.

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