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13 August 2009


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Are you shipping to Canada?? :)

Elizabeth C Williams

I love you! Happy birthday to me!


WOOHOOO!! Happy birthday to me too!! I just ordered. I'm in the UK so hope that is ok!


This is awesome!!!! I am going to go home and beg now! HA!

Beth Perry

what a great idea!! man, I wish I had some moolah! lol


Just ordered, too. Urmm... could you put something like, kids cloths or shoes on the box so my hubby won't think I spent more money on the scrapbooking supplies, hehehe =)
Please share some photos from the warehouse sale!!! I wanna see the lucky people who got to shop in person. =)

Anna S

Does the price per box include shipping?


Ooh yes, I've just emailed that addy to see what postage would be to the UK.

Elizabeth Williams

Yup I Happy Birthday'd myself with the big one-cost was appropriate to the birthday!

Julie Campbell

I'm wondering the same thing. For those of you who ordered, do you know anything about the shipping price?

Elizabeth Williams

I called and the very nice Sassie Lassie said she thought it did for the U.S. but they would contact me if she was mistaken.

Lydia S

O' How neat!




I ordered mine via email. Will I get any sorta "confirmation" back? Just hopin I sent everything :)

Gaye N

I'm also wondering about the shipping costs. Hope we can get an answer soon..


Wish there was a little more detail about what was in the boxes... I don't want to spend $60 on stuff I already have.


Oh Yes!! I just ordered too!! THANK you so much for offering this option to those of us that are geographically challenged!!


YEAH!!!! I ordered......waiting on invoice thru paypal!!!! I LOVE SASS!!!!!!


I just ordered! I'm so excited about this

Susana Landaverde

Hi I'm interested on your item, will you be willing to ship it to mexico.

Thks in advance

Helen Tilbury

Yes! PLEASE let us know if you are shipping beyond the States...I am in South Africa & a total Sassafrass nut. I only get hold of a bit of your stuff in a kit I subscribe to that comes from Oregon. Other than that I can only drool on your blog. So please let us know. I will keep checking this blog for an update & organise asap if the answer is YES! Need a BIG box full of Sassafrassy goodness!!! Will pay postage of course ;-D


..like music to my ears! CAn't wait to get a box of goodies!! Christmas has come early :)

Nicole Landry (Houma, LA)

Can you tell me if the products in the box are new items or old releases?

Rocio Navarro

i'm interested, let me know if you ship to Mexico!

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