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22 September 2008



Too cute! Although, I don't think I'd want to hide in that thing! I prefer a bed fort complete with throw pillow window panes! LOL!


Ooh! I love a good fort made from a blanket thrown over a table! Lovely hiding pace, you know! I do love the hedgehog and rabbit - they would make good company.


As a child I loved to build a cozy nest in my closet... lots of pillows and blankets and every stuffed animal that I could fit! I'm thinking a cute little hedgehog would be the perfect addition :)

Paula Clare

When I was a wee girl I used to sit in the nursery amongst all of my dollies. I was certain if I sat perfectly still, my mom couldn't tell me apart from the rest of the dolls! She always played along...I was 14 before I realized I really didn't have the "cloaking" ability I thought I had! :-)

The sweet little owls would be the best companions...as they'd not give me away but only keep asking, "Who?" WHO?


hahahah! That cracks me up!


Too cute.. i love the owl but love the hedgehog even more. I used to hide in the closet when i was little. Sometimes i still want to haha


If I were to hide it would be with that stinkin' cute bunny!

Beth Perry

You know... I wish I could be sneaky and incognito. But, I am the most UNSLY, CLUMSY, UNGRACEFUL person I know! Everytime, I try to sneak up on someone... I trip over something.
When I was little, I would build haunted forts and mazes for my little brothers. Well, at the beginning of one of these haunted mazes, I was hanging upside down(I was much littler then) by a coat rack (silver bar across the top of a doorless closet put up by mom) and I was going to swing out and scare him. Well.... right when I went to swing out, the bar, of course, came free and I landed on my back knocking the wind out of me!

So, yeah, I would wish for more "natural" stealthiness. hahaha


LMBO. You're good! Your chair is soooo top secret! There's no way I would see you hiding out!

rebecca keppel

When my husband is home and handling the kids, I sneak off to the office to get online or scrapbook. The only other hide out time I have is in the bathroom! And even that is not very hidden with two kids under the age of 3!

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